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From Injured Stray to Family Member

Once a month the HCWS spay and neuter clinic is dedicated to helping feral cats in Clark County.  Feral cats are the offspring of housecats that have gotten lost or been abandoned.  They run wild in colonies throughout southern Nevada.  Volunteers bring the cats to the clinic where veterinarians and vet-techs sterilize, vaccinate and give them an overall medical exam.  It is part of a Trap-Neuter-Release program to keep feral cats as safe and healthy as possible.

Morgan is a friendly stray cat that was brought in for medical help during a feral cat clinic.  She was in a lot of pain.  Her left rear leg had been mangled by the fan belt of a car and she needed help fast.

Unfortunately her leg had to be amputated, but that didn’t keep this long haired beauty down for long.

The HCWS Cat Coordinator thought Morgan would be an excellent family cat so she brought her to the HCWS adoption center.  Morgan joined the more than 200 other homeless cats, waiting for a new home.

Morgan was one of the lucky cats that found a new family.  Tom and Mary Webster are experienced cat guardians and they were happy to accommodate the special needs of a three-legged cat.

The first thing they realized was, Morgan had trouble using a standard sized litter box – so they built a larger box for her with low sides.  They also bought a special bed that doesn’t put too much pressure on her joints.

Mary said Morgan has fit it beautifully with her family and is “crazy” about Tom.  She thinks Morgan is an especially smart cat because she “comes running when you call her.”

“She’s loves looking out the window and sits up every time a bird flies by,” said Mary.

The Webster’s enjoy Morgan’s big, friendly personality and plan to enjoy her as a member of their family for a long, long time.

HCWS has hundreds of cats kittens that are in need of loving homes. Please consider becoming a forever home for a well-deserving cat. Click here to view our adoptable cats.


July 19 Feral Cat Clinic – 305 cats spayed and neutered!

Absolutely amazing. Those are the only words that describe what happens at a feral cat clinic. In one day, with the help of dozens of volunteers, vets and vet techs, HCWS was able to spay and neuter 305 cats this past Sunday. One of our volunteers, Michael White, put together this wonderful video from Sunday’s clinic. Take a couple of minutes and watch his video and then share it with your friends. These clinics are crucial to eliminating our serious pet over population problem. If you are interested in volunteering at a Feral Cat Clinic, submit a volunteer application or if you are unable to donate your time, please consider a donation to our cause. Your dollars help buy the necessary supplies that are crucial in keeping these clinics possible.