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Youth Group Member Hand Crafts Jewelry To Benefit HCWS

HCWS Youth Group member Sage (pictured with her cat, Tippie) designed jewelry to help the cats and dogs in our care.

HCWS Youth Group member Sage (pictured with her cat, Tippie) designed jewelry to help the cats and dogs in our care.

The Heaven Can Wait Youth Group gives kids aged 10-18 a chance to learn about animal care and animal rescue.   It was organized as a way to teach the next generation how to be responsible pet owners.  However once in a while, one of the students has a new idea to teach us.  This is the case with Sage, who is helping homeless pets with a line of jewelry she hand makes.

Twelve year-old Sage and her grandmother Jorie have designed and handcrafted earrings and bracelets for Heaven Can Wait with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the cats and dogs in our care.

Bracelets have colorful beads and a paw or cat charm.

Bracelets have colorful beads and a paw or cat charm.

The jewelry which is made from “real silver” is being sold for $15.  It can be purchased each Friday and Saturday at the HCWS Warehouse Sale at 6360 Annie Oakley (between Sunset and Russell).   The Warehouse Sale is open 9am to 2pm.  Jewelry can also be bought by contacting the HCWS Youth Group at: hcwsyouth@hcws.org.

Sage said she came up with the idea when all of the members of the Youth Group were asked to think of creative fundraising ideas.  Sage said her grandmother came to visit at about the same time and together they decided to make the jewelry.

Earrings have cat or dog face charms.

Earrings have cat or paw print charms.

Sage has been active in the HCWS Youth Group since last summer.  Her parents introduced her to the group because they knew their daughter is interested in helping animals and hopes to one day become a veterinarian.

Heaven Can Wait is very proud of Sage’s accomplishments and we look forward to see what else she will be doing in the future for homeless animals.

You can read more about the jewelry on the Heaven Can Wait Youth Group Facebook page.   And you can learn more about our Youth Group by Clicking Here.


Heaven Can Wait Youth Group Gets Hands On At Nearby Zoo

Written by Keely Biggs

Say we see an end to the pet overpopulation, animal cruelty and abandonment problem in Las Vegas in our lifetime; that means we can just stop worrying about it and move onto something else… right? Wrong! The issue is something that will have to be fought and maintained forever. Kim Yates has recognized this. As a co-coordinator of the Heaven Can Wait Youth Group, she has created a way we can pass on the torch to the next generation.

I met with Kim at the Roos n More Zoo in Moapa, Nevada on May 5th where she and a team of about 18 kids ranging from 12 to 18 years of age came to shadow the animal handlers for the day. Experiences like this expose the kids to the animals and give them an appreciation that they would never receive by reading about them in a book.

The kids got a chance to learn about the animals, take the reins and present the animals to the guests at the zoo.

Volunteer Alissa shows a guest how to hold an armadillo.

This is just one of the many activities that can be expected of the group. Coordinated with Kathy McCarty, the youth group was started about three years ago. The group is open to anyone, between the ages of 10 and 18, who lives in Clark County. The group meets monthly and also participates in the feral cat clinics held by Heaven Can Wait. It is a great opportunity for kids that want to get involved or for parents that want to expose their kids to something meaningful. The group is educated about the importance of spaying and neutering and also receives an appreciation of animals in general through activities such as this one. The members are encouraged to educate their peers, families and fellow students, which also builds leadership skills.   

As a teacher herself, Kim believes that the pet overpopulation crisis is not going to be cured in our lifetime and that we need to raise our children to understand what is necessary to solve the problem. Kim teaches at John Dooley Elementary School and is soon moving to Bob Miller Middle School. Apart from teaching, Kim encourages her students to get involved and give back to the community in any way they can.

The 18 kids participating at Roos n More were considered the “regulars” but Kim says she has over 100 kids that are involved on and off. This is the second year the Youth Group has visited Roos and, as popular as it is, they will most likely make this a yearly event. After speaking to many of the volunteers, including Kim’s own son and daughter, Lindsay (16) and Jesse (12), I was envious of the opportunities they receive at such a young age and the inevitable lessons that come with them. I spoke with youth volunteers Kim (17) and Jose (18) who were making their rounds. Both are grateful for the opportunities they get with the youth group. Kim said she was looking forward to going to vet school after she graduates.

Volunteer Kim Creech (17) looks forward to going to vet school after graduating.

Roos n More was founded by veterinarians, Drs. Jay and Valerie Holt.  They started out with 15 kangaroos and wallabies. Now the zoo currently houses over 160 different animals including Capuchin Monkeys, a toucan, lemurs, otters and my personal favorite: a Tamandua anteater! People can expect to physically interact with almost all of the animals. The veterinarians believe this makes a more lasting impression for visitors. When people can see, touch and smell the animal, they are compelled to learn more about it and conserve its natural habitat. This is a very important feature considering that 35 to 40% of the animals at Roos n More are labeled as either threatened or endangered.

Roos n More is a non profit organization that only employs one person. The rest of the help is volunteered. The zoo is run purely on donations and is open to the public twice a month. The zoo is also available for outreach programs, private parties and tours. If you are interested in visiting or volunteering for Roos n More, you can visit their website at www.roosnmore.org. If you or anyone you know might be interested in getting involved with the HCWS Youth Group, you can find out more information at www.hcws.org.

The youth group finished their day watching otters take a dip in the pond.

Student Council Fundraiser

Students sold stuffed "foster pets" to benefit HCWS.

The Student Council at John Dooley Elementary School recently had a fundraiser to support Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.  The Student Council sold stuffed foster pets.  Each small cardboard crate came complete with a stuffed animal and kennel card detailing that animal’s information, health and any special needs they may have.  During the 5 days of the fundraiser 167 crates with animals were sold. 

“This was a very successful and exciting fundraiser!  The students at Dooley really love their foster pets” said Student Council President Ryan Kissman.

Rick Perry, the Assistant Principal of John Dooley, along with the Student Council members, presented Harold Vosko, President of Heaven Can Wait, with a check for $500.00.  John Dooley Elementary School has formed a partnership with Heaven Can Wait.  Many of the students have been taught the humane education curriculum Angels for Animals, provided by Heaven Can Wait, and now serve as ambassadors in helping to cure the pet overpopulation crisis. 

If you are interested in providing a school in your community with this opportunity, please contact Kim Yates at angels@hcws.org

All of the HCWS programs and services are funded through kind donations.  To learn how you can help: Click Here.

Senator Reid Answers Letter from Students


The kids in Kim Yates fifth grade class at John Dooley Elementary School got a huge surprise when their letters about animal abuse and puppy mills to Senator Harry Reid were answered by the legislator.

The letters were part of the curriculum taught in the HCWS sponsored Angels for Animals humane education program.  In the first part of the program the kids learn about the proper care a puppy or kitten needs so they can grow into healthy and happy family pets.

Next the kids learn the sad facts about animals that are not treated well and are abused or neglected.  And finally the fifth graders are taught about the problem of pet overpopulation and how too many cats and dogs are euthanized.

The group from Ms. Yates class wrote letters to Senator Reid asking for his help.  Here is an excerpt from one of the letters:

“I am going to talk to you about changing the laws.  I think that there should be stricter laws for people abusing pets and running puppy mills.  I think that if you are abusing your pet or involved in a puppy mill, you should understand that animals are innocent and they don’t deserve that kind of treatment any more than a human does.”

Senator Reid graciously answered the class:

Angels for Animals is a free downloable program.  Click Here to learn more.  

Don’t Throw That Stuff Away!

Are you replacing your furniture, jewelry, toys, tools, appliances and more this holiday season?  If so, we can use your gently used items.  And please keep us in mind when you do your spring cleaning, too.

In 2011 the Heaven Can Wait Youth Group will continue to have garage sales. They have been a great success in raising money for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society spays and neuters.

Donations are tax deductable.

Please contact Kathy at (702) 456-4540 or Kim at (702) 277-2016 if you have things to donate (or email HCWSyouth@hcws.org).

Thank you for your support and donations!

Youth Group Garage Sale This Weekend

Don’t forget – the Heaven Can Wait Youth Group is having their Yard Sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week.  Stop by and check it out! 

Where:  4509 Palm Mesa Drive (near Mountain Vista & Russell)

When:  Friday-Sunday (November 5-7)

When You Clean Up, So Will the Animals.

The Heaven Can Wait Youth Group will be having a Yard Sale on November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2010.  They’ll be collecting good resellable stuff in the next few weeks – so if you have any, please give a call to Kathy, Kim or Jean.   Watch for more information about the sale later in the month.  Thanks for supporting Heaven Can Wait  and the animals of Las Vegas.