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Saving Lives Every Day!

cat_and_dogHeaven Can Wait Animal Society, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) animal humane organization,  was formed in 2000 by a group of 5 concerned citizens with the lofty goal of building a beautiful 20 acre sanctuary to house all of the unwanted animals in our community.  In the meantime, animals were and still are dying at rate of around 30,000 per year in our local shelters while many more simply die on streets.  Therefore, we decided to refocus our efforts away from rescue and more into promoting spay/neuter as the solution to our pet overpopulation problem here in Las Vegas.

We learned early on that spay/neuter was one of the prominent common denominators that other successful cities and states have used to reduce euthanasia in their shelters and since have focused heavily in this area. Through simple spay and neuter surgeries, thousands of unwanted litters are prevented each year in our community.

During the past 7 years we have spay/neutered close to 40,000 cats and dogs.  Last year, because of the Nevada Community Foundation’s assistance, we were able to sterilize an unbelievable 7,745 animals! We also placed close to 900 cats and dogs through our adoption programs.  Amazingly, we do all of these great things without even having a public facility!


The latest and greatest news is that we will be opening a spay/neuter clinic location in the City of Las Vegas this June.  This clinic will serve as a much-needed resource for those who aren’t able to afford sterilization services at regular veterinary prices.  We are also working on securing a permanent clinic location in the City of Henderson.  On April 19th a resolution was introduced to award Heaven Can Wait a 2.4 acre parcel of land adjacent to their shelter for the purpose of building an even larger spay/neuter clinic and office facility.  If passed on May 19th we will then sign a 50-year lease at $39 a year and will have 6 years to plan and begin construction on our future.

In addition to focusing on animal spay and neuter programs, Heaven Can Wait successfully operates several additional programs aimed at reducing animal suffering and euthanizations through educational and rehabilitation programs throughout the community.


Tales to Tails is a children’s literacy program that utilizes animals to assist children who are having a difficult time reading. Children will read aloud to Heaven Can Wait animals, many of which were rescued.  The animals serve as a calm, non-judgmental audience and the special bond that forms between the children and the animals help the kids overcome a number of speech, reading and self-confidence issues.  On average, children’s reading skills advance two grade levels after participating in the Tales to Tails program.  To learn more about Tales to Tails, click here.

Pups on Parole (as seen on “The Dog Whisperer” and voted best episode of year) has proven to be an incredibly successful program for not only animals in need but also for the community as a whole.  Inmates are trained to rehabilitate “problem” dogs and in turn the animals help rehabilitate the inmates by teaching them essential life skills such as structure, discipline and affection.  Many inmates who have completed the Pups on Parole program have obtained careers in related fields such as groomers and trainers.  And through the program, over 600 obedience trained dogs, which were once seen as having little chance of being adopted due to behavioral issues, have been placed into permanent, loving homes.  The Pups on Parole program currently operates in The Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center and The Jean Conservation Camp.  To learn more about Pups on Parole, click here.

Feral Cat Clinic has been the flagship program in Heaven Can Wait’s W.A.R. (War Against Reproduction) aimed at controlling the overpopulation of feral (wild) cats and eliminate their suffering.  To learn more about the Feral Cat Clinic click here.

Ground Zero is our second W.A.R. program aimed at providing spay and neuter options for people who want to be responsible pet owners, but cannot because of cost or transportation problems.  Utilizing a mobile veterinary clinic, Heaven Can Wait can bring these essential services to the communities that need it most.  To learn more about Ground Zero, click here.

It’s The Pits is a program aimed at helping the largely misunderstood pit bull breed.  While the properly trained pit bull is loving, intelligent and very loyal, untrained pit bulls or worse yet pit bulls trained to be aggressive have given this breed a bad name.  And their reputation has only gotten worse in recent times with events such as the Michael Vick dog fighting incidents.  Because of this, pit bulls in shelters have very little chance of being adopted and every day in the Las Vegas area 15 pit bulls are put down.  To learn about the It’s the Pits program and how we can help this misunderstood breed, click here.

Pet Adoptions – While the majority of our efforts are on spay & neuter programs, Heaven Can Wait does house and prepare a limited number of cats and dogs for adoptions into permanent loving homes.  Heaven Can Wait is also assisted with adoptions through a partnership with PetSmart.  To browse the available cats and dogs or to learn how to help, click here.

Heaven Can Wait and its programs are made possible with generous donations from the community and the relentless spirit of our wonderful volunteers to make a difference every day in the lives of animals.  If you would like to donate to Heaven Can Wait, click here.  If you wish to become a Heaven Can Wait volunteer, click here.


23 Responses

  1. hello i was wondering if you are looking for volunteers to help walk or play or feed our furry little friends. if you are please call me at 805-896-9577 i am really a animal lover thank you and i hope i can help out.

  2. Just want to donate for the love of the animals….

  3. I need information on the low/no cost spay/neuter program to give to my neighbor.

  4. Silly question, but I’m staying at the Lowes for Gimme Shelter because it is pet friendly. Is the concert also pet friendly?

  5. I have a stray female cat and 5 adorable kittens. Can you help me place them.

  6. Laura E is nothing less than an angel who saved my life…just wanted to say it out loud!!

  7. I am currently in a program called “National Junior Honor Society” (NJHS) and my classmates and I were wondering if you had any volunteer work available. We adore working with animals and we really want to help our furry friends. Thank you and please contact me through my email as soon as possible! Thank you!

  8. I’m a member of Stray Angels – a org. that networks, educates etc.
    to find homes for animals. We are considering an educational
    program here in St. George for elementary school kids. Who do I contact to talk to someone about how you do your program.
    Thanks P. Dalpiaz.-St. George, Utah

    • Pat,

      Thank you for your question about the HCWS humane education programs. All of our materials are free and downloadable on our website under the Angels For Animals program at :www.hcws.org.

  9. I have a female cat that’s pregnant and I need to get rid of her. My granddaughter is extremely allergic to cats and since my daughters family has moved in I have been forced to keep the cat outside.

  10. hello my name is barbara vega
    I have a pitbull who is going to be three next month. my problem is this
    i had him since he was six months old.he was my sons dog. but was given to me. he could not keep him . he lived in apartment. i have a home.my dog shows fear agression. he gets nervous. but is great with me. and my son. not my husband. my pitbull likes him but sometimes he gets nervous. I have to surender him because of my
    husband..my pitbull name is cisco. and I LOVE HIM DEARLY.
    but I cant keep him. because of his behavior. towards him.
    thank you Barbara vega

    • Hi Barbara,

      I was wondering if you have considered working with an animal behaviorist for your pitbull? A professional might be able to solve Cisco’s nervous behavior. There several trainers in town who specialize in this. I’m sorry you are having to choose between your husband’s safety and a beloved pet. Feel free to write to me personally at: blog@hcws.org for more detailed answers.

      • thank you for your response.
        it isnt just that I was told the same from other pitbull santuarys.
        I would love to get him professional help. he gets along fine with our other dog. and he is a doperman pincher. they grew up together. the same age. my husband delines on this. because my husband is an epileptic he has grandmall seizures. and that would confuss cisco. it would not be good for my husband or my beloved cisco. thank you Barbara Vega.

  11. hello, Does heaven can wait temporarily foster cats?
    My cat is in his 120-day waiting period to come to Hawaii, and we are looking for an affordable, loving place for him to stay. He currently is at a pet sitter, but this will cost me $960.00 in the end.
    I really need to keep the costs down. We now live with relatives, we could not pay rent anymore in Vegas, due to a long time of being unemployed. I appreciate any help and or options you can think of.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      You sound like a very responsible pet owner for taking your cat with you to Hawaii even with a 120-day waiting period. I will forward your question to our cat coordinator and clinic coordinators to see if they might have a more affordable solution for you. Good luck with your new life in Hawaii.

  12. Do you still have Spay and Neuter Clinics for different breeds of dogs? Last year you had a Shih Tzu clinic but I missed it and I desperately need to get my little guy neutered. I am disabled and am looking for any kind of help I can get. I also have no way to get him to the vet as I am in a wheel chair and have to take the bus. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Julie

    • Thanks for your question Julie. Please contact our clinic ASAP! You do not have to wait for a special breed clinic for your pet to be fixed. We are open to the public at all times and spay and neuter all breeds. Please explain your transportation issues to the intake clerk to see what type of help is available. The phone number is: 702-655-4800. You can reach someone Monday – Thursday to schedule an appointment.

  13. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Please visit my blog at animalsdeservetolive.com to read about it under the post titled Wow!.

    • Greg, thank you for the nomination. Hey Heaven Can Wait readers please check out the information on Greg’s Animals Deserve To Live blog: animalsdeservetolive.com

  14. Do you have any solutions for a 7 year old male nuetered cat (since he was 3 months old)) that has decided to mark within the last year? No changes in life style. He has no medical problems and his last 2 urine panels normal. I have 3 different cat boxes in the house and one outside in his private completely fenced cat run that he has 24 access to through a cat door. If I can’t fix this there is no way I can pass this problem to someone else unless they were understanding to his marking, I hate the thought of euthanizing him for this.

    • Ann, it sounds like you have been very thorough in trying to find a solution to your cat’s new behavior. I was wondering if you have checked around your house to see if a new cat might be coming by or even making its home by your house? Another suggestion might be to use a different cleaning solution to eliminate the odor where your cat has sprayed or to lay down sticky paper to discourage your four legged buddy. You might also want to enlist the help of a cat behaviorist.

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