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A Happy Ending For BFF’s Tiger Lily and Tucker

HCWS knew they could find a home for Tucker, but were unsure about his BFF Tiger Lily who is 9 years-old.

HCWS knew they could find a home for Tucker, but were unsure about his BFF Tiger Lily who is 9 years-old.

By Charlene Proto

‘If dogs don’t go to heaven, when I die I want to go wherever they went.” — Attributed to Will Rogers

Every dog owner who has ever lost a beloved companion will agree with Will Rogers’ sentiment in this much quoted aphorism.  Life is wonderful filled with exuberant joy, playfulness and boundless love when our dog is young.  Middle age brings little change to these seemingly ageless happy go lucky very best friends of ours.  However as with humans, old age brings some subtle and some not so subtle changes that owners cannot ignore.  Some dogs leap and kiss and frolic right up to their last days.  Others unfortunately mimic the human condition and become frail, weak and subject to age related illness.  And just like with humans this is when they most need our love, affection and care.  And tragically this is when many owners decide to abandon their aging pet, renege on that commitment that is made when we take a pet into our family – the life time commitment to love and care for them for all of their lives.

Fortunately the King family believes very strongly in the commitment that when an animal comes into our lives it is a lifelong contract that they would never dream of breaking.  Samantha King (Sam) loves animals and particularly loves Boxers.  There were two very special Boxers in her family for many years – Kane and Maverick.  Both were getting to be senior dogs and when Kane died last year she felt she should find another companion for Maverick.  He seemed depressed, listless and lonely without his constant friend.  Sam and her husband too grieved for Kane and felt a piece missing in their hearts.  Sam likened it to the “empty nest” syndrome, but felt it much more difficult to bear with a pet.  Another dog was needed to assuage the sorrow for both Maverick and the Kings.

Sam’s boss told her about Heaven Can Wait Animal Society and the search began.  The dog adoption coordinator (DAC) sent pictures providing options for possible adoptees.  Sam was seriously considering one Boxer but finally decided he was too much for her old guy Maverick to handle.  Over the months the DAC and Samantha got to know and understand each other.

Tiger Lily and Tucker had been shuffled to several homes before coming to Heaven Can Wait.

Tiger Lily and Tucker had been shuffled to several homes before coming to Heaven Can Wait.

Then two Boxers named Tiger Lily and Tucker were turned into Heaven Can Wait.  These two best buddy Boxers had been together most of their lives.  Unfortunately they had also been shuffled about among different owners a lot in their lives.  When HCWS called a Vet’s office for records they were alarmed to hear, “Oh, no the Doctor will be so upset to hear they have been returned again.”  These were two very good dogs.  Tucker the young handsome guy would probably have no problem being adopted but his 9 year-old “BFF” Tiger Lily was another story.  Many people looking to adopt are only interested in the “Tuckers”.

When HCWS approached Sam about the pair they were so pleased to find that the Kings were interested.  They not only understood how difficult finding a home for an older dog was, but were eager to accept the challenge.

As so often happens at Heaven Can Wait a miracle occurs and a match is made – two good dogs with two good people with big hearts and “good souls.”

The dogs were all gradually introduced in the yard and then into Maverick’s domain of the Kings’ home.  They feared Tucker might be too rambunctious for their senior but as time went by the dogs all became friends and fit nicely into the King family which included their cat.  Sam’s husband would often take the dogs to their property in Pahrump for a weekend romp in the “country”!

Sadly both Maverick and the family cat recently died.   The Kings however have two good buddies to help them work through their grief.  There is of course no substitute for a loved pet who provided many years of companionship, but a pair of wagging tails and happy doggie smiles can lift even the saddest heart for a little while.

Heaven Can Wait is ready with lots of awesome cats and dogs that need new homes.  Adoptions are Thursday – Sunday for cats at Petsmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center and dogs are adopted on Saturday inside Bone Appetit on W. Tropicana and Ft. Apache.  Click Here to see the pets available.

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