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A Second Chance For Happiness

Taylor's winning personality got her adopted quickly.  Through no fault of her own, a year later she was back with Heaven Can Wait.

Taylor’s winning personality got her adopted quickly. Through no fault of her own, a year later she was back with Heaven Can Wait.

By Patty Carmichael

Little Taylor was rescued by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society along with her brother Connor. After a brief stay in our Pups on Parole program Taylor’s winning personality won the hearts of a new family and she was adopted.  Through no fault of her own, she was returned when the family ran into problems.  The story below is about Taylor’s second chance for happiness.

Hi, my name is Taylor Russell, and this is my story. I am a Chihuahua and Toy Dachshund mix. I lived with a small family for about a year but, for some reason, they took me back to Heaven Can Wait. It was scary but the people there were really nice – even made me their Office Dog – but it was still tough. I did like the obedience school that I went to while I was there. The women at the place were really nice but I understand they are in something called a prison. One special woman taught me commands like, sit, stay, and down. They also taught me how to walk really well on a leash!  I really liked the ladies, but I knew I couldn’t stay with them. I wanted a real home, where I never had to leave again.

My mom and dad had been thinking about getting a dog for a while, since they had lost their other doggies. Daddy had been looking online, and seeing what kind of dog he wanted. When the phone call came from HCWS to tell him and mom about me, they were very excited to come meet me.

Oh course, it was love at first sight, how could they not fall in love with me. I’m black and brown with an adorable personality and so cute and lovable. And as soon as I saw them, I loved them to and I knew I would have a safe loving home for the rest of my life.

Mom and Dad are so cool; Dad takes me to the office every day where I can meet new people. Sometimes they even give me yummy treats!!! After work dad and I go on long walks with mom.  I love to get some exercise and put my nose to the ground to smell all the stuff that has been there before us.

Taylor has lots of new toys to play with.

Taylor has lots of new toys to play with.

I love my new home. I have a few toys that are my favorite. Mr. Bill and Homer Simpson are so much fun to play with, but my favorite toy is a BIG bear that is 4 times my size. I love to drag Mr. Bear around the house and pretend it is my buddy. I bark and play and run to the front door when it makes this funny music sound. Mom and dad let me sleep in their BIG bed at night, and it makes me feel so loved and secure.

Dad says there are something called cats that live in the house too. They hide under the bed a lot and I hear funny sounds when I put my nose under there. Gee, are they ever going to come out of there????

I finally got to meet the cats. They aren’t so bad, and it didn’t take long before all the hissing and barking stopped. The cats have been with Dad for a long time, so I guess it will take them a little while to get to know how great I am!!!

One day in November, that mom and dad called Thanksgiving, I got to go for a car ride. We met lots of new friends, whose house smelled like turkey. I got to wear my new coat and explore a big backyard. It was truly a day to be Thankful!!!

Don't I look pretty in my holiday sweater?

Don’t I look pretty in my holiday sweater?

I am so thankful for Heaven Can Wait who found me running the streets with my brother Connor, and picked me up and found me. Without them, I never would have found my dad James or my mom Suzanne.

I even have a Facebook page where dad and mom put pictures of me up so all my friends can see me. I love my new life and wish every dog and cat could find someone to love them as much as my parents do.

"I'm so happy I got a second chance for happiness."

“I’m so happy I got a second chance for happiness.”

Dogs (and cats) like Taylor are ready for adoption at Heaven Can Wait every week.  Dog adoptions are held each Saturday at Bone Appetit on W. Tropicana and Ft. Apache and cats are adopted inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy, Thursday afternoon through Sunday.  You can see all of the pets on our website: www.hcws.org.


2 Responses

  1. What a great new life for this beauty! ❤

  2. What a great family Little Taylor found! I wanted to be adopted by them too 🙂

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