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Goodbye Old Friend


All the cats and dogs that pass through Heaven Can Wait on their way to new families have a special place in the hearts of the volunteers who work with them, but once in a while when an animal who has had a particularly hard life finds the perfect home, those heartstrings are pulled a little tighter.  That was the case with Scout who passed away on January 14, 2013.

Scout was a beautiful Collie that was abandoned in 2007 outside a convenience store after his owner tied him to a fence, brought him a bowl of water and walked away forever.  When the store manager realized no one was coming back for the dog he called Heaven Can Wait for help.

Volunteers on the scene found Scout to be very thin and saw maggots running through his matted coat.  They rushed him to our clinic for veterinary care.  Soon Scout was feeling better and volunteers got their first glimpse at his friendly and gentle nature.  They had no doubt he would find a great home, even though he was a mature pup between 7 – 9 years old.

Then tragedy struck for a second time.  Scout was attacked by a stray dog when a vet-tech took him for his daily walk behind the clinic.  His injuries were so severe he needed two major surgeries.

It took several months, but finally Scout’s invincible spirit pushed him to get well.  He went through Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program and then waited to see if there was a forever family that would give him a new life.

That family turned out to be the Russell’s who had been through a rough year losing both a family member and a beloved pet.  When Jane Russell saw Scout’s face in a local magazine; she knew he would be a perfect fit.  An older dog that could be by her side was exactly what she was looking for.

Scout became a therapy dog.

Scout became a therapy dog.

Jane and Scout became inseparable and started a new chapter in their lives.  Scout became a therapy dog that made regular visits to Nathan Adelson Hospice.  Later when Jane’s father was admitted to a nursing home, the duo switched locations and each week Scout would visit the residents at the facility.

“He would get so excited when he knew it was time to go to the nursing home,” said Jane.  “He sensed it was his job to greet the residents and he took it very seriously.  Scout would walk up to each person, put his head in their lap so they could pet him and then move onto the next person.  He made his rounds until everyone had a turn at petting him.”

Scout spent time hiking and traveling with the Russell’s until he got sick last year.  Unable to walk very far both Jane and Scout were happy to just hang out together.  On January 14, Scout gave Jane the look all animal lovers hate to see.  It said he had enough time in this world and was ready to leave.

Jane wrote to Heaven Can Wait to let us know about Scout’s passing.  She said, “In our loving care from February 2008 – January 14, 2013.”  Heaven Can Wait doesn’t know much about the first half of Scout’s life, but thanks to the Russell family the second part was pretty amazing.  Goodbye Old Friend.

Therapy Dog 005

Your help is needed so Heaven Can Wait Animal Society can continue to give homeless pets a second chance.  Please click our the website to see how you can help – http://www.hcws.org


2 Responses

  1. OMG, I am in tears !!!!

  2. heartbreaking stuff….I love animals….I have 3 dogs and 2 cats….they are our babies

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