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A Handful Of Love – Adopt A BIG DOG!

Ryder’s big size made it hard for him to find his forever home.

By Carol Lisowski

Do you remember this handsome guy?  Being Dressed for Success can really sell you.  Putting his best foot forward, or four feet in his case, won the heart of Kim Farkas before she ever met him.  Seeing this big dog’s cute pictures with his glasses and tie on the HCWS website, Kim knew that she would be taking him home as she had already fallen in love with him. 

Ryder, as he was formeraly known, is a very big dog currently weighing in at 95 pounds at three years-old.  Even though he graduated from the Pups on Parole program, Ryder’s size has always been a challenge for this Boxer-Shepherd mix that first came to Heaven Can Wait when he was 10 weeks-old.  As an adorable puppy, Ryder was quickly adopted and settled in with his new family.  But soon he grew too big for his new owner.  After living in a series of homes a Good Samaritan returned Ryder to HCWS earlier this year. 

While in the Pups on Parole program, this big, goofy guy learned all of his commands and a few tricks too.  He flops over when someone says, “Bang, you’re dead,” he spins in circles when asked and will even roll over to show you his belly.

Ryder, now known as Hooch in his new home.

Kim was looking through the pictures on the HCWS website for another dog when she was immediately drawn to Ryder’s.  Her previous dog, which she lost a few months ago, was a medium-sized, very docile pet.  Handling her big adoptee is a handful, but he is so funny and goofy, she can’t help but love him.  Renamed Hooch, after the Turner and Hooch movie, the little rascal seems to know just how much he can get away with.  He only gets up on the furniture and counters after she leaves.  He hates the vacuum cleaner and will try to bite it, but seems to want to protect Kim from it as he stands under her feet when she is trying to vacuum.  His worst habit though, is eating anything plastic.  So Kim has to keep all things plastic out of his reach.  He adjusted very quickly to his new home with the exception that he doesn’t like to be left outside.

Kim wants to commend the Pups on Parole handler for the very thorough assessment she received on his habits and mannerisms.  She said it is very accurate and has helped her to know what to expect.

Like many big dogs that just become too much for their owners, Hooch has been through a lot in his short life.  Kim is determined though that this is a match that will work and that this will be Hooch’s last home.

If you would like to find a big, goofy dog for your own, visit www.hcws.org to see who is waiting for their own forever home.  Dog adoptions are held every Saturday in the Bone Appetit store on Ft. Apache and W. Tropicana.  Cat adoptions are held Thursday – Sunday in Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy.

Hooch enjoying life at last!



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