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New Trap-Neuter-Return Class Taught By C5

Not all cats are adoptable like Magoo pictured above. That’s why HCWS and C5 work hard to teach people how to help feral cats. For information about Magoo e-mail: cats@hcws.org

Have you ever wanted to learn how to manage a feral cat colony?  Do you have questions about an existing colony?  Do you want to know how TNR programs work?  Well, there’s a class for that and it’s being taught once a month at the Heaven Can Wait clinic for anyone who wants to attend.

Debbie Williams of the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5) is excited to teach the two-hour seminar where she shares her passion for managing feral cats and introduces people to our very active local Trap-Neuter-Return program. 

“There are an estimated 200,000 – 250,000 feral cats living in Clark County,” said Williams.  It is Debbie’s goal to teach as many people as possible to understand the nature of free-roaming feral felines and protect them from cruelty and starvation.

The class teaches participants:

  • How to trap a feral cat
  • How to care for a cat before and after sterilization surgery
  • The Clark County Ordinance regulating feral colonies
  • Deterrents available so felines are able to live as good neighbors
  • How to manage a feral cat colony

Classes are free and held once a month from 11a.m.- 1p.m. at the Heaven Can Wait Clinic at 546 N. Eastern Ave.  The next class is scheduled for October 27 followed by November 17 and December 8.  To register, e-mail: TNRclass@c5-TNR.org.

Come to the class and Debbie will even share some of her feral cat “trade secrets” that include: where to buy coyote and fox urine crystals to deter free-roaming cats from wandering into unwanted areas.

Your support for community programs such as this are greatly appreciated – Click Here for details.


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  1. The folks at HCW are wonderful.They helped me and my girls to be able to be free of getting pregnant for them. the care before and after was excellent and caring.They all made me have less worry when I had to leave them and wait for a call. thank you and bless you all.

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