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A Tale Of Two Shih Tzus

Shih Tzu, Winston and his dog pal Palmer were given a second chance by a compassionate woman who lent the dogs a helping hand.

By Carly Rohrer

For two young Shih Tzu pups, Winston and Palmer, their story begins as homeless, hungry, and living on the streets. Then one day a caring and compassionate woman decided they deserved better.

Marla already had 3 dogs of her own and couldn’t take on any more animals when she found two sweet dogs roaming her neighborhood. However, she knew she had to do something and so began her journey to give these dogs a better life.  She started out by checking if the dogs were micro-chipped and creating signs, hoping their owner could be found. She was so determined to find any possible owner she even made visits to local shelters to check if anyone had come by looking for the duo.

Disappointingly, no one stepped forward to claim the pair as their own. At that point Marla contacted Heaven Can Wait and hit yet another road block; the Pups on Parole program was full. Marla, who HCWS staffers call a hero, then gladly agreed to foster Winston and Palmer until there was an opening in the program.  As a foster to the pair she kept them safe and gave them the affection they never had but always warranted. They were neutered and vaccinated at the HCWS clinic and happily awaited for the next step towards their forever home.  

Finally they were enrolled into the Pups on Parole program where they learned all the basics of being a “good dog.”  After completing the program, both dogs were ready for adoption and it didn’t take long for these two playful pups to find their new homes.

Winston was adopted by Kimberly Fergus, who couldn’t resist this little guy’s playful spirit. “When we first met he was great, so friendly and very affectionate,” said Kimberly.

She was looking for a second dog after babysitting a friend’s dog and felt like the time was right. Kimberly began her search and knew she wanted an Imperial Shih Tzu. She already had one dog at home, Roger, who is currently 8-years-old, and was hoping to find a good fit for her family.

Winston turned out to be just that.  When asked how Winston fit in, she didn’t hesitate to answer “Perfect”! Winston and Roger became fast friends and love playing together and sleeping side-by-side. Winston quickly clicked with his new owner as well. According to Kimberly, he follows her around the house and loves to nap on her lap when they are not playing fetch.

Winston with his new family.

Palmer was also adopted by a loving new family, Gina and Dominic Sylvester. He is currently settling into his new home and new life. One where he can feel safe, loved, and appreciated, all of the things that every animal needs and deserves.

Winston and Palmer had a rough start to life, but lucky for them, they were rescued by their “heroes,” Marla, Kimberly, Gina and Dominic. Their story is evidence that one person can make a difference and luckily for Winston and Palmer their story has a happy ending. You can also help make a difference in the lives of dogs and cats here in Las Vegas. Find out how by going to www.hcws.org today!

Cat and dog adoptions are held each weekend inside Petsmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Cats are adopted Thursday afternoon through Sunday and dogs are available on Saturday.



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