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A Rescued Dog Rescues Her Owners

Kadie was rescued outside the business of a longtime HCWS supporter, but had to spend 72 hours at the city shelter before Heaven Can Wait could help her.

written by Krystal Newton

A few months ago the photo of one of HCWS puppies, a Louisiana Catahoula Spotted Leopard, captured the heart of dog-lover Karen Custer.  With an aging dog at home, Karen thought it was time she, her husband and her daughter fill their home with the excitement of a new puppy.  Before Karen and her husband could meet the dog, Karen found herself hospitalized and in a coma as a result of a severe case of pneumonia.  To make matters worse, Karen’s 22-year old daughter, who suffers from a seizure disorder, was also admitted to the hospital.  In search of a little comfort and some therapy Karen’s husband decided to adopt the precious dog whose picture had made his wife fall in love.  After finishing the adoption with HCWS, he decided to tell his wife the good news.  Karen, who was asleep in her hospital room, awoke to the photo of the beautiful dog, Kadie.  She recalls waking up to Kadie’s photo for the first time, “When I woke up, I saw an angel.” 

Kadie helped her new Mom in her recovery.

Karen would spend another month in the hospital fighting for her life.  Every day when her husband visited her, he would bring a new dog toy which he placed in a basket.   Attached to each toy was a hand-written note saying things like, “Come home soon, it’s time to meet your new puppy.”  Miraculously, Karen recovered, and it has been about a month since Kadie has joined their loving home.  The animal, who Karen describes as “exceedingly intelligent and very high-energy” is so intelligent that within a matter of a few weeks had learned a number of tricks and commands as well as verbal and sign language leash commands.  She even cleans up her own toys by picking them up and placing them in a basket! 

This very smart and loyal dog has been an amazing source of comfort and therapy for the family.  Not only did she help them through the very difficult time Karen spent in the hospital, she continues to be a protector for Samantha, Karen’s daughter, who can sometimes have up to one hundred seizures a day.  Karen recalls a time Samantha was having a seizure and Kadie adamantly indicated for Karen to press on her chest.  Karen, a special education teacher, didn’t think anything of Kadie’s gestures and brushed them off.  Realizing she wasn’t getting her message across, Kadie jumped on the recliner and sat on Samantha’s chest, immediately bringing her back to consciousness and saving her life.  Kadie constantly watches out for Samantha and even lies beside her as she falls asleep.  Her loyalty to the family is incredible, and even after only one month, they cannot imagine their lives without her.  Kadie is definitely a wonderful fit for this family and has found such a loving forever home.

Kadie watches over Samantha and calls for help when she is having a seizure.

You can adopt your own miracle dog each Saturday at HCWS adoptions inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy.  Dogs are adopted on Saturday and our fabulous felines are adopted Thursday afternoon through Sunday.  Preview all the available animals at: www.hcws.org.

If you aren’t ready to add a pet, please consider a donation to help care for the animals until they find new homes: www.hcws.org.


4 Responses

  1. what a beautiful, heart warming story!

  2. That is an incredible story. Kadie is truly their guardian angel

  3. Great Story…what a wonderful dog Kadie is. It seems that it was God’s will that she and this family found each other.

    • Thank you all!!! She is a true blessing to me, our girls and my husband.

      She is so fun, smart, energetic and very playful with a loving disposition!!!
      At 50 pounds with about 20-25 more to go…. Let me tell you…. She IS a lap-dog!!!!
      Our entire family is in love with her and her personality brings such joy!!! We love our Kadie!!!

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