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Sam – Sam I Am…

Sami was left to fend for himself at an apartment complex until he was rescued by Heaven Can Wait. Now he is a Florida resident, enjoying the good life!

Written by Charlene Proto

Wynn Lanier occasionally writes to Heaven Can Wait Animal Society just to say thank you for bringing Sami the 4 pound Chihuahua into her life!  She says that after 12 years she finally has a man in her life and the four legged kind is the only kind she wants.  Wynn moved from Las Vegas to Florida and now lives in Georgia to be near her daughter and help with her new “grandbaby”.  Of course her new grandchild is the light of her life, but her constant companion and best friend is Sami or Sam-Sam as she affectionately calls her little guy. 

“He is without a doubt the smartest, sweetest dog ever!  He loves everyone and has no hang-ups whatsoever,” said Wynn.  All of which is pretty amazing considering the very rough start to his young life. 

Sami was abandoned outside at an apartment complex by his owners.   Attempts to return the little dog revealed that his owners had moved out and left the tiny one to wander the property all alone.  Fortunately the weather was not as severe as winters or summers can be here in Las Vegas or Sami would not have survived to become the joy of Wynn’s life.  Heaven Can Wait rescued Sami and placed him in their Pups on Parole program where rescued dogs are socialized by inmate handlers at the women’s correctional facility and made ready for new families.

Two years ago last November Wynn Lanier had to face the impossible task so many of us who share our lives with pets experience.  It was time to say goodbye to her beloved poodle Roxie.  She was inconsolable.  Having always had a dog she knew she would not be able to get over her grief without another animal to love.  Her groomer steered Wynn to Heaven Can Wait’s website.  The first picture on the site was none other than Sami.  She knew at once that he was for her.  When HCWS contacted Wynn, Sami was being released for adoption that very Saturday.  

Timid and shy he was unsure and very scared when they first met.  He laid quietly in her lap on the ride home.  Rescued animals are understandably insecure and afraid of new situations.

However Sami quickly adapted to his new Mom and became “the total love of her life.”  He loves everyone – people and other dogs no matter how large (the dogs that is).  He sleeps under the covers with Wynn, rides on her shoulder in the car and entertains all her friends with unrestrained love and affection.  He has a special pink basket on Wynn’s pink bike to go cycling.  When returning from the store before anything is put away, Wynn sits and gets kisses from Sami.  She misses him every bit as much as he does her!  Wynn says, “I saved his life and he saved mine.”

Sami and Wynn enjoying a bike ride together.

Wynn’s new home (and her last she says) needs a nice yard for Sami so she’s having the back sodded for an immediate play area for her buddy.  He has the issue of having gained a little weight since his adoption and she realizes how important a healthy weight is for a dog’s life.  He does like to eat and will devour just about anything including Brussels sprouts, peaches and salad, if it has his favorite dressing.

Wynn is sure that Sami was the “valedictorian” at the Pups on Parole program.  She can only imagine how sad his handler at the correction facility must have been to give him up.  If that woman reads this story, she should be extremely happy and very proud that through her efforts and those of HCWS, Sami has a wonderful home where he could not be loved or appreciated more.

Heaven Can Wait pet adoptions are held each weekend inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy.  Dogs are adopted on Saturday and cats are available Thursday afternoon – Sunday.  If you would like to help Heaven Can Wait in the care of the pets while they are waiting for new homes please see our website: www.hcws.org.  Your support is greatly appreciated.


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