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Murphy Makes Three

Murphy was rescued from a city shelter by HCWS a couple of days before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Life with his new family has him hiking, traveling and even participating in his owner’s wedding.

Written by Lucy Bobeck

Murphy is a jolly German Shepherd/Beagle mix that was adopted when he was two-years-old by Heidi and Jack.  After a long day it was Heidi who really pushed to stop and look at the dogs ready for adoption.  Heidi had lived in small quarters in California and was ready to enjoy a new life in spacious Nevada with a furry friend. 

At the Heaven Can Wait adoption center, Heidi spotted Murphy as he was being held by another family. She didn’t even know if Murphy was still available, but she was very determined to adopt the lively dog. 

Jack, Heidi’s fiancé noticed that Murphy was calm around the adoptable cats.  Murphy’s acceptance of cats was important as Baxter, their housecat, was already part of Heidi’s household.  Jack agreed that the black and tan dog with white spots was a fine dog.  Luckily Murphy was still available for adoption and Heidi wasted no time making sure he made his way home with her grateful family. 

Murphy is so beloved he even took part in Heidi and Jack’s wedding in Zion National Park, Utah.

Murphy now enjoys hikes every morning in Southwest Las Vegas and accompanies the family on trips to the Grand Canyon, Zion and Mammoth. Jack works partly from home, so he enjoys Murphy’s company.  Baxter the cat is somewhat aloof, not so sure of dogs, but Murphy is still determined to become a respectful friend to the feline. 

Heidi was familiar with Heaven Can Wait and independently rescues animals.  She is proof that love at first sight does have a happy ending. 

Come and find your furry heartbreaker at the Heaven Can Wait adoption center every Saturday inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy.  Adoptions are held from 10a.m – 4p.m.  Cat adoptions run Thursday afternoon – Sunday.  Check out all the cats and dogs available for adoption at: www.hcws.org.  And if you are not ready to adopt, please consider a donation to help Heaven Can Wait Animal Society take care of the animals – http://www.hcws.org



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