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Celebrating 9 Years Of Pups On Parole

Scout – a Pups on Parole graduate who is ready to find his forever home.

Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole prison program began when our group realized the dogs we rescued needed a facility where they could heal and learn to trust people after being abandoned, abused and neglected.  A prison may not seem like the best place to start life over, but it was the perfect solution for the dogs.

Now as Pups on Parole celebrates its 9th anniversary, the two volunteers that have been at its helm since the beginning have written a tribute about the program, the inmate handlers and of course the dogs.

“It’s hard to believe, but we are beginning our 9th year of Pups on Parole! When we began, we had seven dogs in the prison and we just prayed that we could get them trained and adopted! Well, we have come a long way – we now have upwards of 30 dogs in the program at any time, and have terrific handlers who prepare these pups for their new homes. To date, we have adopted more than 1,600 dogs into wonderful homes, with several families adopting a second and even third time.

People are always surprised that our dogs actually do live in the Women’s Correctional Facility – they live in one of the pod areas and do live in the rooms with their handlers. When the dogs first come in, they are introduced to the residents as well as their fellow pups. The women work very hard for, and with, the dogs to prepare them for their new forever home!

We have seen dogs who were so frightened that they had to be carried into the facility, and who walked out proudly with head and tail held high to go to their new home! Each day, the dogs are socialized, trained, have play time and are loved in preparation for their imminent adoption. Many dogs come to us with no background whatsoever, and leave with a full and detailed resume, which is prepared by those who live with them and know them best!

This program began with the intention to rescue and rehabilitate dogs – we now have found that it is a life changing venture for any and all involved, that is, the dogs, their handlers, their new family members and us! Through the years, we have had and continue to have assistance and encouragement from many, including the likes of Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer!

We feel this program is like a perfect circle and can only be completed when all parts are in place – that is, the dogs come to us, they are trained and learn to love and trust and are finally adopted into wonderful and loving homes. We all play an important role, and hope that we can continue with this wonderful program!”

-Rachel Vosko and Mary Ellen Sachs

Conner – 2012 Pups on Parole graduate who is waitng to be adopted

The dog coordinators also explained about the dedication of the inmate handlers.  The women rise at 4:30a.m. each morning so they can walk and feed the dogs before reporting to their other duties.  They play with, train and groom the dogs daily and make sure their pods are santized from germs.  Over the years, the handlers have endured puppies who have chewed their belongings and frightened dogs that hid from them.  And when the dogs leave for the adoption center, they lovingly say goodbye and welcome into their lives another newly rescued dog.

Following is a poem that was written by a former handler in our Pups on Parole Program.


Higgins – 2012 Pups on Parole graduate who is ready to find a new family.


Little one…so full of fear

no one’s gonna hurt you here.

Soon, you’ll see, how it feels to trust

cuz, you’ve been rescued, just like us.

We promise that it’s not too late

because we all know that Heaven can wait.

Forget the broken road you’ve traveled on

for, yesterday has come and gone.

That’s a lesson, we must all learn

and now, little one…it is your turn.

Come with us, walk by our side

hold your tail up high with pride.

And in the end, when we’re all through

there’ll be a family just waiting for you.


Little one… so full of fear

no one’s gonna hurt you here.

-Terri Haga

Cassie – 2012 Pups on Parole graduate who is looking for her new family.


7 Responses

  1. Awesome article ladies, and congratulations on NINE years of hard work and dedication from you both. Thank you so much for all you do for these wonderful dogs!!

  2. Congratulations on your 9th year!! Love what you do , thats why my donations go to you.

  3. My Domino, formerly Diamond, is a graduate, and I am forever grateful to HCWS and the women who lovingly guided her through her training. She is perfectly imperfect. Domino is, without question, a member of our family. She is best buddies with our three-year-old grandson whom she watches over like a guardian angel. Thank you for helping us all find each other.

  4. This is such a great program, Congratulations on Nine Years!. How can it be spread to other states. Do you have a “blueprint” on how to establish a Pups on Parole program? We need it desparately here in Missouri. Love your blog!

    • Carol,
      Thank you for the compliment about Pups on Parole. All of the Heaven Can Wait programs are designed to share with others and we would be happy to explain how the program began and how it is run. I will put you in touch with one of the organizers of the program. Look for an e-mail soon. Or e-mail your phone number to: blog@hcws.org and someone will contact you.

  5. HCWS Pups on Parole congratulations on nine years of saving canine lives. Kudos to the volunteers for a job well done.

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