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Lucky Dog

A real life hero tried to feed and help Georgie after he was abandoned, but neighbors threw rocks at the little dog.

By Carol Lisowski

I find it so hard to understand how people can move away and just abandon their pets to fend for themselves.  When man domesticated animals, we became their caretakers.  Most animals don’t know how to survive on their own.  They look to us humans to give them food and water, take care of their needs and give them shelter.

A mixed poodle breed who became known for a while by his rescuers as Georgie had to do just that when his family moved away and left him behind.  Georgie had to be scared and confused wondering where his family was and why he had been left alone.  A nice lady by the name of Sylvia who managed an apartment complex spotted him and started putting out food and water. 

Unfortunately, some of the neighbors didn’t want a stray dog hanging around the area. They threw out his food and water, hurled stones and yelled at him to chase the little dog away.  But Georgie had nowhere to go.

Over 3-4 months, Sylvia continued to spot the little skittish dog who grew more matted and dirty by the day.  She tried several times to catch him, but he had lost his trust in humans. How he kept from getting hit by a car and where he slept each day or night, only Georgie knows.  Unable to catch him on her own, Sylvia e-mailed Heaven Can Wait and within 30 minutes, one of the dog program coordinators was out to help with the rescue.  She put down the trap with some meat in it, and Sylvia and the coordinator combed the neighborhood looking for Georgie, but he was nowhere to be found.  They came back disappointed, only to be delighted when there sat Georgie in the cage.  On his own, he found his way in and this was the beginning of a new life for the abandoned young puppy.

Georgie, exploring his new home.

It didn’t take long for Georgie to find a new home.  Diane Jones, who had moved here from New York, was looking on-line for a partner in crime for her mini Schnauzer, Marcell.  Marcell’s last buddy had passed away earlier this year, and it was just too quiet in the house.  Sylvia was able to meet Diane when she visited the Petsmart adoptions to meet her new puppy.  With all that he’s been through this last year, Georgie, who now goes by Chanceux, which means ”lucky” in French, is settling into his new home and becoming very attached to Diane and Marcell.  Although he exhibits some signs of separation anxiety, Diane says he is doing well and passed his health physical with only a minor knee socket problem, which is nothing to worry about until he gets older.

When Diane took her dogs to the groomer recently, Marcell came out with another cute little dog, and she was wondering where Chanceux was.  The groomer told her this precious little cutie was her dog.  She didn’t even recognize him!  What a makeover for an abandoned pup.

Chanceux (Georgie) was so transformed after he was groomed, his new owner didn’t recognize him.

Diane only believes in adopting and rescuing, and Chanceux finally has found a home where he will be loved and cared for, probably for the first time in his short life.  If you want to turn another dog up for adoption into a lucky dog, please visit the HCWS website to see who is waiting for you.

Chanceux is a very lucky little dog.

Dog adoptions are held each Saturday inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Learn how you can help a homeless cat or dog until they find their forever home – Click Here.


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