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Ryder Is Patiently Waiting

Big dogs like Ryder have a harder time finding new homes, but Heaven Can Wait is there to offer guidance to new owners.

Written by Francesca Torre

“Hi, there!  Does anyone want to go hiking?  My name is Ryder, and I’m a three year-old Boxer-Shepherd mix.  I may be big, but that just means I have that much more love to give you!  I’m silly and goofy, too!  Need some help?  I can carry your bag for you!  I graduated from Pups on Parole, so I’m always ready to show you a bunch of tricks.  I also know how to obey your commands, when you want me to.  I will be great with an active family with older children, who can handle my size, without other dogs or cats.”

Ryder was highlighted earlier this summer, but he is still patiently waiting for his forever home.  The 90 lb. dog keeps getting passed by for more pint-sized canines.

Ryder’s size has always been a challenge for this kindhearted dog that first came to Heaven Can Wait when he was 10 weeks old. 

As an adorable puppy, Ryder was quickly adopted and settled in with his new family.  But soon he grew too big for his owner and was given away.  Heaven Can Wait would have loved the opportunity to help Ryder’s family train a big dog, but we weren’t given the chance. 

Ryder moved from home to home, never having a family that completely understood the needs of a big, energetic dog. 

Finally a Good Samaritan traced though his paperwork and realized that he had been a Heaven Can Wait dog.  Ryder was returned to us earlier this year.

The big, goofy guy is a graduate of the HCWS Pups on Parole program and knows lots of commands.  He also learned a few tricks too.  He flops over when someone says, bang, you’re dead,” he spins in circles when asked and will even roll over to show you his belly. 

All Ryder needs to make life complete is a chance to be loved and, in return he will be someone’s devoted companion.

You can meet Ryder at dog adoptions each Saturday inside PetSmart  at 7050 Arroyo Crossing Parkway (off I-215 and S. Rainbow).  Or call Heaven Can Wait at: 702-227-5555.

Please consider the size a dog will become when you adopt a puppy. Big dogs make great pets for households that are ready.


3 Responses

  1. I have a 40-lb alpha female that Ryder would have to get along with. Is he okay with an alpha female before I bring her down on Saturday to meet him?

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