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Superheroes For Homeless Animals – Daisy Troop 183

The girls of Daisy Troop 183 are “superheroes” for homeless animals as far as Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is concerned and we would like to thank them very much.  The 5 and 6-year-old Girl Scouts donated $200 from their annual cookie sale to help the cats and dogs in our care.

Scout leader, Tricia Dettling explained that her troop took part in a program called Caring For Animals.  Each girl learned what it takes to care for of a wide variety of animals that included: fish, lizards, spiders, rabbits and of course puppies and kittens.  

“They learned that puppies and kittens need exercise and good nutrition in order to grow strong and they realized that other animals need similar care.  They also found out that animals like fish and lizards need their own kind of care to live in the world,” said Dettling.

Next the girls taught their parents and other family members what they learned through a play they presented.  Each scout dressed up as a different animal and told their story.

Dettling said the program not only introduced the girls to a variety of animals, it also let them take a crack public speaking.  The Daisy Troop earned a Red Pedal for their efforts.

While researching their project, the scouts came across Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program where rescued dogs are helped by inmates at the correctional facility for woman.  When they heard how abandoned dogs are loved and taught by the inmates, they decided to make a donation to our organization. 

Heaven Can Wait thinks Daisy Troop 183 did a terrific job with their project and our cats and dogs say thank you very much.

Girl Scouts isn’t the only way for children to learn the importance of properly caring for animals.  Angels for Animals is a free downloadable program from Heaven Can Wait.



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