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Take Your Dog To Work Day: One Dog’s Story From The Office

It’s up to Holly to keep her co-workers cheerful and productive at work. Since her adoption, Holly has joined the thousands of pet owners who “Take Your Dog To Work.”

Take Your Dog To Work Day was created by Pet Sitters International to celebrate companion dogs and encourage adoption.  To commenorate the event, a pup named Holly who was rescued by Heaven Can Wait, shares her story from the office.  Holly was adopted by Allan and Amber Mahrou and accompanies Amber to work every day.  Meet your next co-worker every Saturday at the HCWS Adoption Center.

Written by Amber Mahrou (dictated by Holly)

Hello, my name is Holly! Or at least I think my name is Holly. I also answer to Puppy, Treat, Go Outside and Dinner, because I am pretty sure I’m wanted whenever any of those things are said. I know you can probably tell by my picture, but I am a bona fide professional! I take my owner Amber to work and keep her and the other employees on task. Yes, I am without a doubt the supervisor-type, always checking up on everyone to make sure they are working hard and occasionally breaking up the tedium with a quick game of fetch with my favorite office squeaky toy. I’m not usually one to brag, but I am probably the best manager they have ever had!

I may be a professional now, but I admit, I used to be a little rough around the edges, stealing food off of counters with my brother Buddy and tearing up innocent little stuffed animals for fun. But those days are behind me now; I served hard time in the Pups on Parole program, where I was given another chance with a new family. It was at my first adoption event that I met Allan and Amber. They gave me a belly rub even after one of the volunteers read them my “rap sheet” and warned them about my previous life of crime, so already they were pretty OK in my book. Still, it was bittersweet going home with them… they seemed very nice, but I had to say goodbye to my brother and former partner in crime, Buddy.

Holly and her brother Buddy.

I’ve always been a pretty tough cookie, so I didn’t stay sad about that for very long. By the time I had gotten used to the rules in my new home, I had made it very clear to my new family that I was much smarter than your average pup. Some of my demonstrations were received less enthusiastically than others—for example, I don’t think they appreciated me learning how to open doors, because not long after that I started finding every door locked—but they did seem to appreciate how quickly I learned all of the new words and commands they taught me. They were so impressed they enrolled me in a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) class, which I passed with flying colors!

It was not long after I received my shiny new certificate that a position for a dog opened up at Amber’s workplace. She works at an energy efficiency consulting company, so I thought my chances were pretty good. After all, I conserve my energy pretty much all day; I’m something of an expert on the matter! That plus my new CGC credentials made me feel pretty confident as I put my resume together (with a little help from Amber). I could hardly believe my luck when they called me in for an interview, so imagine my excitement when they hired me on the spot!

Holly looked smart and professional for her interview.

Now I am a regular installment here at the office. And I don’t just make the place look good either—although I certainly do that—in addition to keeping all of the employees in check; I also welcome everyone who comes through the door. Strangers are usually pretty surprised to see me walking up to the door, because I am so quiet that seeing me is the only way you would know I am here. I am proud to say I have impeccable manners, so it’s the good kind of surprise. The only time I find I need to make a little noise is when one of the employees doesn’t understand what I am trying to tell them. When this happens, I just approach Amber, who doubles as my personal translator, and squeak my squeaky toy until she pays attention. It may take a try or two, but Amber always understands what I’m trying to tell someone, and she gets the message across for me. For example, me putting my paw in my water bowl and running up to someone and gesturing at them with my nose means, “Holly says she wants you to get her some water.” I’m surprised more people don’t speak my language, honestly!

Holly has trained her co-workers to understand a tap on her bowl means she needs a refill of water.

So that’s the story of how a fluffy, lovable ex-con got a job at an energy efficiency consulting company. Sure, the days are a little long, but at the end of a long shift I am still happy to go home, kick up my paws, and conserve a little more energy. It’s a tough job, but what can I say, I’m a professional.

Shhh! Holly relaxes after a full day at work.  Meet your next co-worker at HCWS Pet Adoptions.

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