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Abandoned In A Parking Lot, Scruffy Is Finally Home

After being abandoned in a parking lot, Scruffy found it hard to trust people.

Sue Kinney is a big fan of Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer.  She followed his techniques to ease her rescue dog Jake into the family after her two older dogs passed away.  Sue and her husband, Mike had never adopted dog that had been rescued from a traumatic past and they wanted to things right.  When they decided to add a second dog and Sue saw online that Heaven Can Wait used Millan’s methods and our Pups On Parole prison program had been featured on The Dog Whisperer, she knew her new family member had to be adopted from our organization. 

At the HCWS Adoption Center, Mike was immediately drawn to a little dog named Scruffy.  The Jack Russell terrier mix had been abandoned in the parking lot of the women’s prison where the Pups On Parole program is conducted.  He was an anxious and frightened little guy when our coordinator found him running around the lot.  When she opened her car door, he gratefully jumped inside.

Being abandoned had a profound effect on Scruffy, making him nervous and hyperactive.  Even with the understanding of the inmates who trained him at the prison, he was an anxious little guy. 

Scruffy’s active nature worried Sue.  “He was excited and bouncing off the walls when we met him.  I thought his energy level would be too much. Then we walked him on a leash and saw how well-behaved he was because of his training and we were impressed with the commands he knew,” said Sue.

The couple decided to take Scruffy home.  Sue said, “He sat on my lap and his body shook the whole ride home.  He hid his head in my lap and held on to me.”

Sue, Mike and Jake took life slow for first few days with Scruffy.  By day 3 Sue said, “I knew it would all work out.” 

Scruffy blossomed before his new family’s eyes.

By setting boundaries, using patience and learning the words Scruffy was taught in the prison for commands, the newest member of the Kinney family blossomed before their eyes.

When Scruffy barked too much, Sue told him to be “quiet” just like the inmates in Pups On Parole.  Scruffy also knew to “sit” when he was too energetic and the Kinney’s were especially pleased that he knew the words “go to bed” at the end of a tiring day.

Jake and Scruffy have become good buddies and a real team.  Jake helped Scruffy become a calmer dog and Scruffy showed Jake how fun it is to chase after a ball.  Scruffy helped Jake become less fearful while Jake showed Scruffy that car rides are for being “assistant navigators” and not used to abandon a pet. 

The Kinney’s say, “Scruffy is not a perfect dog, but he is a very loving dog.”  And best of all, Scruffy is “now at peace.”

You can meet the Scruffy of your dreams each weekend at HCWS adoptions at Petsmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Or check out our adoptable pets at: www.hcws.org

Please help Heaven Can Wait continue our rescue, spay/neuter and adoption of homeless pets.


2 Responses

  1. We looked at your dogs in front of PetCo and were told it would cost $275 to “rescue” one. We have always taken in strays and would never consider buying a pet. How do you people sleep at night?

    • Sandra,
      Are you sure you went to the correct adoption center? Heaven Can Wait dogs are adopted each Saturday inside the Petsmart located in the Arroyo Crossing Center off I-215 and S. Rainbow. An adoption fee is charged because the dogs have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and have gone through our Pups on Parole program which provides them with basic obedience skills and temperament training.

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