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Be Kind To Animals Week 2012

Khloe is a 5 year-old Lab mix waiting to find her forever home. Please remember homeless dogs like Khloe during “Be Kind To Animals Week.”

Written by volunteer Dominic Allen

One of my favorite weeks of the year is the famous “Be Kind to Animals Week” that we observe for our dear pets, both living and otherwise, as well as for all the other creatures of the world.  It has taken many millenniums for humans in general to finally acknowledge a greater respect for the rest of life on this planet, and although we’ve come far in our treatment of them, we still have a long way to go.

Some of the amazing things that have happened within our world lately are certainly cause to celebrate.  The magnitude of these events is amazing for the simple fact that one in particular has been going on for centuries and for the people to finally realize that other creatures were the victims and they no longer wish to be a part of events such as these is extremely profound.

76% of Spaniards have stated that they have absolutely no use for bullfighting. This is a barbaric event that has been taking place in Spain, Columbia, and parts of Mexico for centuries.  As it currently stands now, bullfighting has been banned in certain regions of Spain and has come under more and more scrutiny in other parts of the world.

Animal abuse legislation has made leaps and bounds here in Nevada as well as the rest of the country. People prior who had been arrested for things such as sponsoring, supporting, torturing, beating, and training dogs in dog fighting rings were only slapped on the wrist with misdemeanors and often received no jail time at all. Now they are at least subject to a felony charge which carries anywhere from 10 months to 3 years in prison, and of course, a very nasty criminal record upon their exit from a correctional facility. If nothing else, this will severely inhibit them from ever working with the animal population again. To date there are only four states that don’t hand out felonies for animal abuse and those are Idaho, Mississippi, and the Dakotas. However 46 out of 50 states finally taking these abuses seriously is pretty great news for animal lovers.

Many of the greatest minds the world has ever known have all shared their sage advice with the rest of us in regards to this topic. Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Jimmy Stewart, the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, Pythagoras, and many others just to name a few have been kind enough to enlighten us.

If I were to sum up the majority of what these great people have stated, it would be that the creatures of this Earth are in our care. It is our job to protect them, care for them, and treat them as we would another human being. If the beasts of this planet no longer existed, man would be missing a tremendous spiritual void and for us to move forward as an entire species, we need to learn to respect all forms of life. Every animal of this world is innocent. They do no harm to us unless we are careless or callous with our interactions with them. They have the absolute right to live amongst us in peace and tranquility and we must set the example for our children so that they too will understand how paramount this is to a rich future. Gandhi was once quoted as saying that you can tell a lot by a country and its people by how they treat their animals. I know that once this actually takes place, we as an entire people of this world will go on to do the most astonishing things we’ve ever dreamed imaginable. A civilized society will finally start taking hold all over the planet.

I will leave you witha great quote from Dr. King that really sums this article up nicely:

I’m Dominic, and I hope all of you enjoy this time with some of your favorite creatures and take time to celebrate our triumphs, as I know I will.

Learn how to adopt and help homeless cats and dogs at Heaven Can Wait by Clicking Here.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Dominic!!
    This is Maria, the one who adopted Nayelli (formly Stella). Really enjoyed this article!! Nayelli is doing really great! She has gained 12lbs.and is so happy!!! BTW-she is a golen retirever/shep.!! So, so smart….have a great day!

  2. Thank you for such a beautifully written article!

  3. Well said. Words that we all need to remember daily.
    Thank you for abeautifull article.

  4. Hey Maria! Glad Nayelli is doing so well with you and your family. I really enjoyed writing about her and I’m glad you enjoyed the above article. Thank you also to Patricia and Lori. My goal here was not to just include the domesticated animals we all know and love but also a larger perspective of what goes on globally. Thank you for reading.

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