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Double Fun

Callie and her littermates were rescued from a house that didn't take care of them. Her siblings were adopted, but Callie had to stay with HCWS because of a birth defect.

By Carol Lisowski

Hi Friends, my new name and hopefully my last name is Callie, and I was rescued by Heaven Can Wait last August with my two siblings.  We were born at a home where the big people didn’t take care of us.  Some really nice people came and picked us up.  Mom didn’t get to come with us, but I don’t know why. To make matters even worse, when we got to our new temporary home, the Staff named us Sausage, Bacon and Salami.  That would not do and so we set out to be the best puppies in the world so someone would take us home, love us unconditionally, and CHANGE OUR NAMES!

We even got to go to school – they called our school Pups on Parole.  Oh, my, what did we do to get locked up?  But we found out it was really neat.  We had some very loving ladies teach us new tricks and what good puppies are supposed to do and not do.  The best part was our new teachers renamed us.  I was called Calypso while I was at school.  When we graduated, it was time to find a forever home.  My two siblings were both chosen to go home with new families, but I had a problem which prevented me from getting a new family.  I had a birth defect – a bad leg.  A nice doctor performed surgery on my leg and made it almost brand new.  I just tuck it up when I run, but I can walk on all fours, and it doesn’t slow me down one bit. 

I was told that a nice family had been keeping an eye on my progress, and when I was healed, they came to meet me.  It was love at first sight.  Betty and Irving were going to take me home, and I had a sister waiting for me, Lonnie.  Lonnie had also been rescued by HCWS and gone to the same school as me.  Lonnie is an Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd mix, while I am a Yorkie/Daschund mix; what a combination we are.

Callie hanging out with her new sister Lonnie. Lonnie was also rescued by HCWS.

I am so happy in my new home.  I took to it immediately, loved my new Mom and Dad and Lonnie instantly.  I am just so happy I fly through the house and everyone is always laughing at me.  I guess they think I’m funny.  I like to pull Lonnie’s nylon bones out of her mouth and run off with them, but she gets a whack in at me once in a while.  I love to roll on my back and at night, all four of us sleep together in a big bed.  I like to visit my Grandma Flo too; she is my adopted grandma who lives next door.  Such a happy, happy life.  I am just happy, happy, happy.  Thank you HCWS for giving me this new life!

We all hope that our furry friends will find that “forever home,” where they will be safe and loved and well cared for.  Will you make that dream come true for one of Heaven Can Wait’s dogs or cats that are waiting for that “forever home”?  Please visit www.hcws.org to see who is waiting for you.

Come meet the cats and dogs ready for new homes at the HCWS adoption center inside Petsmart at 7050 Arroyo Crossing (off I-215 and S. Rainbow).  Cats are adopted Thursday afternoon – Sunday and dogs are available all day Saturday.


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