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April Is Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Month

Layla, who belongs to the author of this story, was once a homeless dog.

Written by Charlene Proto

T.S Eliot said April is the cruelest month and it can be.  As every month and every day can be when you are an abandoned, starved, neglected or purposely abused animal.  You could be freezing or have a stomach knotted with hunger.  Maybe your fur is falling out and matted.  You could have been burned, beaten or almost drowned in a cruel game played by crueler humans.  It is hard to write and harder to imagine that animal cruelty is so pervasive in our society, but it is.  April should be a call to arms for all animal lovers to join the crusade to stop animal cruelty in all its forms.

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month sponsored by the ASPCA.  The ASPCA urges supporters across the country to “Go Orange for Animals.” Throughout the month they encourage people to get involved in local activities and show their support by wearing orange for animals. Please join in, for this month-long celebration of the victories in the fight against animal cruelty. 

We at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society join the ASPCA in the celebration and ask all our supporters to do the same.  It is only through a concerted effort by animal lovers worldwide that the unthinkable crime of animal cruelty can be prevented.  We must be vigilant in recognizing and reporting any suspicion of abuse whenever and wherever it occurs.  The expression “think globally and act locally” could not be more apt than in the struggle against this heinous crime.    It is the obligation of every one of us to speak up and speak out against any act of unkindness to animals whether they are slight or extreme in nature.

In honor of all the animals who have suffered in the past and those who continue to suffer on a daily basis, please take the time to review some basic ways shared by the ASPCA to help prevent animal cruelty:

  • Know where to report.  In Las Vegas, Clark County Animal Control (CCAC) provides continuous 24 hour animal care and control services 702-455-7710.  All uninjured animals are transported to The Animal Foundation at 655 N. Mojave and injured ones to veterinarians.  Animal cruelty is a felony in Clark County.
  • Get to know and look out for the animals in your neighborhood.  Start a neighborhood watch program.  Are they underfed, left out in the heat, or appear to be in distress?  Aggressive behavior alone can be a sign of abuse.
  • Make the call.  Don’t assume “someone else will do it.”  Take action immediately and provide as much information as possible when reporting
  • Talk to your kids about how to treat animals with kindness and respect.  The future generations will be the future protectors of our animals.  Very young children are naturally attracted to animals and only need encouragement to treat them gently.
  • Support your local shelter or animal rescue organization.  If you really care them, take the time to volunteer or foster an abandoned animal who so needs a little love.  When considering a new pet, always think adoption first.  Rescue a shelter animal – save a life.

Heaven Can Wait has lists of volunteer opportunities: data entry, answering phones, helping with garage sales, assisting at feral cat clinics and much more.  Commitments can be occasional or regularly scheduled – whatever time you can spare will be put to good use.  The need is so great, the effort is so small and the reward is beyond measure.  To learn more about volunteering with HCWS, please complete a volunteer application at: http://www.hcws.org

Meet Oscar. This spunky little guy is ready to go home with his new family today.


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