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Volunteer Makes Post Surgery Recovery More Comfortable By Sewing

Thanks to a volunteer's talents, ice pack covers are offered to all the boys, like Ryder after surgery. Ryder is a Mastiff mix looking for a new home.

Written by Keely Biggs

Many times people come to Heaven Can Wait feeling compelled to help our cause, however volunteering at a clinic or fostering animals isn’t always realistic for everyone. Volunteer Cindy Brown was one of those people, but with the help of our clinic coordinator, Judy, she was able to help animals as well as their owners immensely with her skill of sewing.

Cindy moved to Las Vegas a year ago in February from Erie, Pennsylvania. After retiring and moving to a big city, she didn’t feel comfortable driving. Cindy, having rescued her fair share of animals, was informed by her sister-in-law of a local no kill animal sanctuary and nonprofit organization that would be right up her alley. But with two rescued cats of her own and not being able to drive, Cindy had to think outside the box.

When dogs are neutered at the Heaven Can Wait clinic, the owner is told to provide the dog with an ice pack covered in a towel to ease the swelling. When Heaven Can Wait receives their vaccines they are shipped with ice packs, but these usually were just thrown away. We also receive many generous donations of towels and blankets.

Cindy began sewing about four years ago as she came from a long line of great seamstresses and wanted to carry on the tradition. Then one day her husband bought her a brand new sewing machine. After hearing that there was a seamstress ready and willing, Judy came to Cindy with the idea that they could take these items and sew ready-to-go ice packs for the dog owners. So Cindy went to work.

Now dog owners don’t need to worry about having to go to the store and buy an ice pack for their recovering pooch. Thanks to Cindy’s skill and willingness to help in anyway she can, Heaven Can Wait is able to provide these for them. Judy is happy that more resources are being used and recycled. Cindy is happy to help and be involved, and most importantly we are able to make the animals that come through our clinic that much more comfortable!

Meet Ryder and many of the other cats and dogs ready to find new homes each weekend at Heaven Can Wait pet adoptions.  Cat adoptions are Thursday – Sunday and dog adoptions are Saturday at Petsmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Or go to www.hcws.org to get a preview of all the pets. 

To become a volunteer like Cindy complete the volunteer application at: www.hcws.org.


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