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Brutus, A Little Chinese Wolf

Brutus had a rough start in life, but now has a happily ever after ending.

Written by Lucy Bobeck


Brutus is a Shih Tzu; this breed is a smaller dog, often seen as pampered.  Poor Brutus was the product of a tough life and did not know how to play, never mind enjoy a pampered lifestyle.  Good fortune via Heaven Can Wait (HCWS) changed Brutus’ life.

To help Brutus find his forever home, he was placed in the Pups on Parole program.  After dog training through the program by a prison inmate, Brutus had the skills to become a member of a household.

Just three weeks ago, the little beige Shih Tzu won Harry and Sandi Schoenfeld’s hearts at the HCWS Adoption Center inside Petsmart (S. Rainbow and I-215).  The Schoenfeld’s already had a five year-old Shih Tzu, Noni.  As expected, Brutus started off being a little wary of Harry and there was some jealously between the two dogs, but Brutus has a “get along with all dogs” personality.  Brutus and Noni are now great friends.  Noni has learned to be respectful and keeps away from the treats Brutus likes to hide around his very own dog bed. 

Noni welcomed Brutus into his home and they are best buddies.

Although small in stature, Shih Tzu’s are active. Brutus has become more trusting and enjoys taking Harry for walks in the park along with Noni.  Brutus never lost his sensitive side and hangs back a little to be with his owner Sandi, if he feels she is getting left behind.  

Hard to believe from their appearance, but Shih Tzu’s are the closest known descendant of the prehistoric Chinese wolf, the “Senji.”  Despite their wild ancestry and both being male, Noni and Brutus are beloved, serene household dogs.

Shhh! Isn't this how every dog and their human should relax?

Find your own Shih Tzu or other lovable dog at Heaven Can Wait pet adoptions each Saturday.  Cat are also available for adoption Thursday afternoon – Sunday at Petsmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center (S. Rainbow and I-215).  Check out all of the pets waiting to find their forever families at: www.hcws.org.

Not ready to adopt, but want to help sponsor a homeless cat or dog?  CLICK HERE for details.  HCWS adopts hundreds of pets each year and spays and neuters close to 13,000.  Thank you for your support.


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