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Even Big Dogs Need Love

Sammy was 5 years-old when he made his way back to Heaven Can Wait after being adopted as a puppy.

Written by Cecilia Isberg

It is fairly safe to say that puppies are on the top of the list when it comes to the cuteness factor. Let’s face it… They are all adorable! That being said, we all must remember that puppies quickly grow into dogs and it is our reasonability and privilege to raise and train them by using patience, knowledge and most of important of all, unconditional love.

Sammy, a Wolfhound shepherd mix was first adopted by HCWS as an adorable ten week-old puppy.  Unfortunately, he was not given the space to run and play, or the socialization needed for a dog of his size and breed. Sadly the owners gave up Sammy for they simply felt overwhelmed by the huge shepherd mix that was once a small pup.

He was returned to Heaven Can Wait when he was five years-old. His future looked uncertain for he was an overweight dog that didn’t receive much socialization. He was skittish and even afraid of his own shadow.  The Dog Coordinators thought he would have a tough time finding a new home when most people come into the adoption center looking for a cute little puppy.

Everyone worried that Sammy's big size and lack of socialization would make it tough to find a new home.

Three weeks ago, Jacqueline walked into adoptions and couldn’t take her eyes off Sammy.  Jacqueline is an animal lover and she always chooses to rescue animals rather than go to a pet store or breeder. She said that it was Sammy’s big beautiful eyes that got her attention right away.  Since she had always had big dogs, she was not intimidated by Sammy’s size.

Sammy went home with Jacqueline and at first he was very timid and just curled up in a ball on the floor. It was not long until he started following Jacqueline everywhere around the house and she noticed he was becoming more confident and energetic. Each day he is getting more and more extraverted. Now he gets excited for his daily walks and puppy play dates. With all of the new love and attention that Jacqueline provides, Sammy’s personality is really shining through.  Jacqueline is doing everything she can to make the rest of his life wonderful and Sammy is bringing joy into her life as well.

Sammy at his new home.

Bring a dog like Sammy into your home by coming to Heaven Can Wait’s pet adoptions each weekend.  Dog adoptions are Saturday and cat adoptions are Thursday afternoon – Sunday at Petsmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  You can preview available pets at :www.hcws.org.

Not ready to adopt, but still want to help Heaven Can Wait?  Click here for details.

Ahhh! It's good to be home.


2 Responses

  1. my cat and dog have no food to eat and my boyfriend and i are both on disability i was wondering do you give out free pet food and litter if we can show proof of a financial need . we are struggling. he cant even get a job. and wehave to go to food banks our selves sometimes.
    im trying to get him a job through a work training program called voc rehab. but in the meantime our pets have no food atall.
    and mypayees cut my checks $200 and something dollars to pay my bills.im fighting to get my money back from mojave.
    we are starving too.
    can you help or refer us somewhere if you cant.
    i just want some pet supplies for now. maybe we could give a small
    donation towatds the food etc.
    please help.
    call me at allison 702-457-1155 leave a nessage on machine
    or with william.is the neuter for the male cats still going to be $20
    for may too. because i have to neuter my male cat soon.?
    thankyou for your consideration,

    • Allison,
      Your answering machine mailbox is full so I am replying to you on the blog in hopes that you will check. Please contact the Heaven Can Wait Clinic as soon as possible at 227-5555 to see how we may be of help.

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