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Very Awesome Girls Help HCWS

Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities is a group of 37 socially conscious young Las Vegas women who organize charitable events for local nonprofits, as well as host fun activities for females 18 and over.   

The group which was founded by Stephanie Payne and lists fighting animal cruelty as one of its goals, held a very successful bake sale to benefit Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.

“Claws For A Cause” was a one day bake sale held at six different comic book stores throughout Las Vegas that are favorites of the members. 

At the end of the day, the group raised an impressive $2,000 for Heaven Can Wait and the animals in our care. 

Stephanie explained why the group chose Heaven Can Wait as the recipient of the bake sale. 

“One of our members took her cat to be spayed at Heaven Can Wait.  She was worried how she would be treated at a low cost clinic, but everyone was so kind to her and they took such good care of her cat that she wanted to repay them in some way,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie encourages every girl with “geeky” interests to check out her organization

Heaven Can Wait says a big “THANK YOU” to the members of Very Awesome Girls for their help and CONGRATULATIONS” for a very successful bake sale.

Click Here to find out how you can help Heaven Can Wait.


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