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A Home For Zoe

Carol Cloud was on a mission last year to adopt a dog before Christmas.  She knew that would be the perfect time to introduce a new pet to her family because her daughter would be home from college and her husband wouldn’t be traveling for work. 

Carol was also sure about the type of dog she wanted.  After losing her beloved miniature Schnauzer, named Spot, Carol knew she wanted another “hearty, small dog that didn’t shed.”  “My daughter has allergies, so we needed a dog that was hypoallergenic,” said Carol.

Carol went to the Heaven Can Wait adoption center in October, completed an adoption application and started coming to adoptions every Saturday in search of her new pet. 

Finally on Thanksgiving, a picture popped up on the HCWS website of an adorable miniature Schnauzer/Yorkie mix that had been found in the shed of a foreclosed home.  The little dog was rescued by Heaven Can Wait and was being enrolled into our Pups on Parole prison program to rehabilitate dogs.  Carol quickly called our Dog Coordinator and expressed her interest in the dog.  The Coordinator said she would be available for adoption the week before Christmas.

Carol and her husband anxiously waited for little Zoe to complete her training.  Finally the day arrived for them to meet her. 

The Cloud’s waited in the parking lot for the van to pull up with all of the dogs going to the adoption center that Saturday.

Carol said, “Volunteers kept going into the van and walking out with all sorts of dogs.  We waited and watched, but no one was coming out with Zoe.  We thought they had forgotten her.  Then one girl walked into the van, but didn’t come out.  A second girl went into the van and didn’t come out.  Finally a third girl went into the van and together they carried out Zoe.  Apparently the little 12 ½ pound dog was putting up quite a fuss and didn’t want to get out of the van.  I wondered what in the world was I getting myself into.”

The Cloud’s and Zoe were given some private time to get to know each other.  Carol said Zoe was a little skittish at first, but very sweet.  Still, because of the van incident Carol said she took a couple of one-on-one hours to really get to know Zoe.

That was three months ago and today Zoe has become a great companion for Carol.  Carol calls the little dog a “character” who loves to chase birds in the parks that surround their house and then come home for her daily hair brushing and nap. 

Carol said Zoe made an easy transition into her new family and she thinks it has a lot to do with the training she received from the inmates in Pups on Parole and from the caring support Carol got from the Heaven Can Wait Dog Coordinators.

Carol and Zoe at home.

Heaven Can Wait Adoptions are held each weekend at PetSmart in the Arroyo Crossing Center off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Dog adoptions are Saturday and cat adoptions are Thursday – Sunday.  Click on Adoptions to see the available pets.  If you are not ready to adopt, but would like to help the animals cared for by Heaven Can Wait, please click Here.


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