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Ink For Animals – Tattoo Event To Help HCWS

Attend the Ink for Animals tattoo event and help dogs like Deuce
find their forever home.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 21 because the elite Zombie Squad is focusing their zombie extermination skills to stop pet overpopulation in Las Vegas with “Ink For Animals.”  Proceeds from the event will benefit Heaven Can Wait Animal Society.

That’s right; the famous Zombie Squad that defends communities from the “walking dead” and when business is slow, educates the public about disaster preparation is hosting a special tattoo event to help homeless cats and dogs.


Where:  Mastermind Tattoo, 3111 S. Valley View Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102

Date:  Saturday, April 21

Time:  12 noon – 6p.m.

Hosted By:  Zombie Squad Chapter 009

Tattoo Cost:  $30 for a paw print or stick figure zombie.  $20 from each tattoo will benefit HCWS.

Heaven Can Wait will be on hand at the event with merchandise and information about our community programs.

Hope to see you there!  No appointments are necessary.

For more information contact Zombie Squad: ZSC009@zombiehunters.org.  


9 Responses

  1. can we ink stamp our puppies foot (he is tiny Boston Terrier) and bring you the piece of paper?

  2. are the tattoos required to be a certain size or design? For example, is it just an outline of a paw? Is there limited detail, limited designs, or limited places one could get it done? A little more guidelines would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your questions about the tattoo fundraiser. If you refer back to the story you will see an email at the bottom. It will take you directly to the Zombie Squad and they will gladly answer your questions.

  3. Went to Mastermind Tattoo on the 21st. Was told that the event was cancelled/rescheduled. It would have been nice if you had informed us of this change.

    • Sorry if we inconvenienced anyone that wanted to attend the Tattoo event. The organization hosting it contacted Heaven Can Wait late Friday to say it was being postponed. The notice was posted on our Facebook page, but unfortunately that did not alert everyone.

      • Is the Tattoo event going to be rescheduled? We also stopped by and were told it was going to be held sometime in June…any word on that?

      • Sorry to say, but there is no news about a new date for the Tattoo event. Thank you for your support.

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