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Dr. Henderson Honored For Animal Advocacy

As the veterinary director for Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, Dr. David Henderson DVM is a leading advocate in the war against pet overpopulation in Las Vegas, NV.  His work on behalf of animals was honored by the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society with the presentation of the Judith and Ken Ruiz Animal Advocacy Award. 

Below is a video tribute to Dr. Henderson and the great work he does to save the lives of animals and help the animal rescue groups that are eliminating the senseless deaths of 30,000 unwanted cats and dogs in our city each year.

Thank you Doc Henderson!


2 Responses

  1. I’m a caretaker of a cat colony in Bullhead city and about twice a year I drive down to Las Vegas Heaven Can Wait clinic with 4 to 6 cats they fix for me. If not for them the cats would have been killed here by animal control because they breed out of control. I enjoyed watching Dr. Henderson’s video and I’m proud to be a part of this organization to save lives. The cats just want to live and with TNR and more caring people, they have a chance to live a longer life. Recently I was a part of the March 11th feral cat clinic and took in 4 males this time. When I released them, they have not returned back, but I know one thing, they will not make more babies to be concerned about. Yay!!! So far HCWS has fixed 27 from Bullhead City for me, so that I will not be driven crazy! I do NOT want to increase my colony care of 16 that has stayed around my house. If not for HCWS I would have had to call animal control. I did call animal control and all they told me was not to feed or water the animals and they would go away. They had reasons not to come and get them. Animal control does not like to euthanize cats either, but it’s like that’s all they can do, as we have no volunteer vets here, like Dr. Henderson. I much appreciate HCWS and how they saved my sanity!

  2. I love him! He has done more for animals in Las Vegas than any other Vet in this town. He has been my Vet for many many years and trust him with the care of all my animals. HIs Clinic isn’t fancy (Dr. Gooey, R.I.P. used to call that area the ghetto) but his care and concern is 1st rate. Please don’t ever retire! He is an angel for animals.

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