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A Twinkle In Her Eye

At nine years-old Rachel Hammer is already showing qualities of a true animal lover and caretaker.

Written by Charlene Proto

When Rachel Hammer was only five years-old she already exhibited the qualities of a true animal lover. Spotting deer on a camping trip she ignored her mother’s plea to stay away telling her, “No Mommy they like me. They see I have a twinkle in my eye and know they are safe.” Now nine Rachel is still keeping animals safe with her caring and generous nature. A neighbor found an eight week-old feral kitten and offered her to the Hammers. They already had two dogs and never owned a cat before, but Rachel was more than ready. She named her new black kitten Cocoa Bean Chocolate Chip Naughty Hammer. The family discovered Heaven Can Wait Animal Society when they took their new adoptee to be spayed. Paula Hammer, Rachel’s mom was greatly impressed, “Everyone was so nice and caring…you could feel the love.” Mother and daughter reconnected with HCWS with questions on their new kitten’s behavior and came to know Judy, the director of the HCWS clinic.

Cocoa Bean Chocolate Chip Naughty Hammer - Rachel's cat.

After some thinking Rachel decided she wanted to do something to help cats. On her own she planned and executed a charity art show to benefit HCWS. She made selections from her personal drawings of “cats, dogs and Rachel with cats and dogs.” In a downstairs hallway she set up an exhibit of her art with a sign-in book for invited guests (family members) and a sign reading “Donations & tips are greatly appreciated for a good cause.” She carefully placed SOLD signs on chosen items. Mom contacted Judy at HCWS with the news that Rachael would like to make a donation.

Judy arranged a ceremony attended by Dr. David Henderson, HCWS Veterinary Director and HCWS President Harold Vosko. They graciously accepted the check from this remarkable young lady and gave her a certificate commemorating her efforts.

In February Rachel and Paula volunteered at a Feral Cat Clinic at HCWS. At the clinic feral cats which are corralled and delivered by volunteers are spayed, neutered and returned. Rachel worked with the grooming team who look after the animals after their procedure. She brushed coats, cleaned ears, put them in cages & attached stickers on the cages to track each animal through the day. After surgery the cats must be watched to be sure they awake from the anesthesia. Rachel confided to her mom that she said a little prayer over each cat to have a happy and healthy life. One little orange kitten was not responding as quickly as the others. Rachel cradled it and massaged it lovingly until he too came fully awake from his ordeal. Rachel felt very happy that her “face was the first thing he saw when he woke up!” When asked her opinion of this special experience, Rachel relied simply, “I loved it. It was the best day of my life.” She is eagerly awaiting the next clinic in March.

Rachel Hammer attends Aggie Roberts Elementary and is in fourth grade. Her dream career some day is to be a veterinarian. She is obviously an exceptional young lady with a loving and caring nature. The natural penchant for humane action and selfless generosity in one so young should serve as reminder to us all to live in harmony with our fellow creatures and of our obligation to always help the helpless.

Heaven Can Wait Feral Cat Clinics are held once a month.  If you would like to become a volunteer call: 702-227-5555 Monday – Thursday.  To support all of the services and programs Heaven Can Wait provides to animals in our community Click Here.


One Response

  1. Thanks so much Heaven can wait i love volunteering. Hope i can make it next month .

    Rachel Hammer

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