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Energetic Recycling

Six wonderful volunteers sorted through piles of recycled materials to help Heaven Can Wait.

written by Lucy Bobeck

What we used to throw away is now saving lives. Heaven Can Wait Animal Society’s recycling program has grown into a regular fundraising effort. Judy Erickson initiated the collection of recycled products until we had so many items from donors that volunteers were called upon to put on their “Sorting hats” on for a “Sorting Event”. The big sort happened on January 21, six much-needed volunteers worked to sort every recycled donation.

Our thanks go to Vern Price, Kate Gallagher, Nikole and Dan Stevens, Julie Fletcher and April Thomas for making the Sorting Event a success!

April Thomas got involved with the recycling team via a family friend. April wanted to help animals and said she would gladly help with the recycling sorting again. Our sorting volunteers were a busy team – the task was completed in only two hours. By sorting recycled products such as plastics and aluminum, Heaven Can Wait can raise more money to help cats and dogs to be spayed or neutered. In 2011, HCWS raised more than $4,000, through the recycling program. Not only do our furry friends benefit – reusing materials saves the environmental costs of using raw materials. These efforts help animals in our community right now, and will help make every cat and dog a wanted companion animal. April’s family is also helping the cause by fostering a Chihuahua mix dog through the HCWS foster program. It seems once you start volunteering, the rewards keep recycling back to you. Put on your sorting hat and help precious pets.

If you are interested in dropping off recycled materials, here are a few basic steps:

  • 1. Save your recycled aluminum cans and plastic bottles. We are not collecting glass bottles at this time.
  • 2. Take your recyclables to the HCWS clinic at 546 N. Eastern Ave. #175 from 10a.m. – 4p.m. Monday through Thursday.
  • 3. Beer and soda cans must be separated.
  • 4. Cloudy plastic bottles such as milk jugs, steel pet food cans like Alpo, laundry detergent and plastic food containers are not accepted.

If you have questions please contact Judy at: Jerickson@hcws.org.

Check out other ways to help Heaven Can Wait by Clicking Here.

Hope to see you next time!


2 Responses

  1. We are fans of the HCW blog and love your recycling idea so have sent you a link to a short video we made called Find Stuff, Sell Stuff, Help Animals.

    Heaven Can Wait is featured in the State-by-State section of our website http://www.AmericaHelpsAnimals.com

    Please share both with your supporters. Jim and Joanne Hubal, Minneapolis, MN, fans

    • Thank you for sharing your recyling video and for featuring us our your website. We are glad to have you and your husband as Heaven Can Wait fans.

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