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Beau Convinces His Guardian That Adult Dogs Make Great Pets

Beau convinced his new "mom" that adopting a mature dog can be a winning experience.

Written by Ron Peltier

Jo Anne Miate-Hundle had always believed that the only way someone could bond with a dog was to get one as a puppy. Since moving to Henderson in 2006, Jo Anne had been considering “buying” a puppy as that is what she and her husband had done in the past.  But with all the displaced animals as a result of the financial hardships here in Las Vegas, Jo Anne could not in good conscience “buy” a puppy. 

Enter Beau, an Australian shepherd mix adult male.  Having graduated from the “Pups on Parole” program at Heaven Can Wait, Beau won Jo Anne over at the Petsmart where Beau was up for adoption. He was “well-behaved” and “jumping straight up on all fours.” This made Jo Anne smile and go against what she had always done—adopt an adult dog.

Beau has been with Jo Anne and her husband for a little over a month and she reports, “I feel as though he’s (Beau) been with us longer than a month. He has fit so nicely into my lifestyle.” Beau even has made a friend. He plays with the neighbor’s dog and continues to be well-behaved and good-natured.

 “At first I was skeptical thinking that you can never bond with an animal unless having it from a puppy but I was so wrong,” Jo Anne says. She strongly believes in adopting adult dogs and encourages anyone looking for a pet to consider adopting an adult dog.  Beau has bonded nicely with both Jo Anne and her husband.

 “I personally didn’t want to go through the hassle of housebreaking and teething” she cites as another advantage of adopting a mature dog.  Beau required no house-training and adjusted right away to his new home.  It was a perfect match for the Miate-Hundle household.

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One Response

  1. I can’t imagine ever NOT adopting an adult dog…..the older, the better IMO.

    I’m glad Beau was able to persuade his mom that adult doggers are a great find! 🙂

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