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A Forever Home For Zeus

The third time was a charm for Zeus.

Last month we wrote about a wonderful Boxer named Zeus who was having a hard time finding a new home because of his extreme separation anxiety.  Little did we know that one woman had been keeping an eye on Zeus each time he was at our adoption center. 

Written by Khristi Suarez

Heather Ruth remembers the first time she saw Zeus. She and her family were Christmas shopping and had made a stop at Petsmart at the 215 and Rainbow.  It was a Saturday, and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society was holding our weekly pet adoptions. She recalls seeing the “cute boxer” but it wasn’t a good time with company on the way, and the holidays upon them. She knew it would be unfair to try to introduce a pet into their home during such a chaotic time.  With stern resolve she decided to put the idea out of her mind.  

It was weeks later with the holidays behind them, that Heather and husband Brandon would cross paths with the cute boxer once more. Heather remembers seeing him outside PetSmart and thinking “I can’t believe someone hasn’t grabbed him up by now!” They say the third time is a charm, and it must be because once inside the store, and for the third time crossing paths with this beautiful boxer, it became clear that he was meant to be a part of their family.

Already having a sweet boxer named Lucy at home, and a clear understanding of this energetic breed, the Ruth family was a perfect match for Zeus!

 Zeus had waited a long time for someone who could understand and love him for who he is. He had been adopted from HCWS once before; settled right into his new home and strongly bonded with the family. Unfortunately, circumstances in the home changed which resulted in his return to us. Heartbroken and confused, Zeus began suffering from extreme separation anxiety and needed special attention.  It took a long time for him to recover and begin to trust and feel secure again. This is another reason why the Ruth family is such a wonderful match for him. They understand Zeus’ past and are dedicated to showing him the unconditional love and acceptance that will help him overcome his insecurities and realize he is a permanent part of their family.

Zeus absolutely loves his new sister, Lucy. Heather recalls thinking, “They will either be double trouble, or calm each other down. As it turns out, it’s a little of both! They have exactly the same mannerisms; their heads turn and ears perk up at the same time, and they sleep the same way. They do everything together.”

Zeus is bonding well with his human family also. The Ruth children, Reagan, 10 and Hunter, 14 have welcomed him into their family with open arms.  According to Heather, Zeus and Hunter have formed a special bond, which is perfectly fitting since Lucy staked claim on Reagan years ago.  Heather happily shared, “He fits right in with our family!”

Many of life’s little blessings come with some surprises as well. The Ruth’s newest “blessing” had some of his own surprises to share. He’s proven to be quite the busy body if given the opportunity. It seems he takes his kitchen duties seriously; sorting and redistributing the trash throughout the home is just one of Zeus’ specialties. He can also be relied upon to clear the counter tops; carefully removing any and all forms of edible goods. I am told he can be very thorough. Heather said they also need to be diligent in keeping the wood blinds open. They learned the hard way, after losing a few slats, that he likes to “stick his big, fat head through” in an attempt to see outside. There is also the matter of their five year-old cat. It seems the cat is the only family member Zeus has not warmed up to yet, and arrangements have to be made to ensure their paths don’t cross until the Ruth’s are certain it can be done safely.

Heather said of Zeus, “he’s a meathead, but a big sweetheart,” and although they have had to make many adjustments, they are committed to making this union work. “Returning him was never an option and I hope he realizes that he is home now.”

My new family was worth the wait!

 Dog adoptions are held every Saturday from 10 am-5pm inside Petsmart located off the I-215 & S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Shopping Center.  Visit http://www.hcws.org for a complete listing of all our wonderful pets available for adoption.





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  1. Yes! Zeus finally got adopted! I loved that dog from the moment I met him the very first time at Petsmart back in December. It was the same day Tilly got adopted! Good going Zeus! I was blown away myself on how nobody opted to adopt him that day. He’s just a big friendly boy whose had a rough go of things. Outstanding!

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