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Little Blind “Rocky” Found His Forever Home

If you attended Heaven Can Wait’s Holiday Luncheon in December you will definitely remember an adorable little black Chihuahua mix named Rocky.  He won over everyone’s heart when he came to the luncheon trying to find a new home. 

Rocky is a complete love, but he had a hard time finding an adopted home because he is blind in one eye and needs medication to keep it healthy.  Rocky was rescued by a Good Samaritan named Matt, who found the little dog with a severely damaged eye abandoned at a local dog park. 

Our veterinary director thought Rocky might lose his eye because it doesn’t have a tear duct to keep it moist and healthy, but thankfully he was able to save it.

Lots of potential guardians stopped to look at Rocky, but no one was willing to step up to the challenge of taking care of a special needs dog.  Rocky stayed in Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program for 4 long months waiting for someone to take him home.

On the day of the Holiday Luncheon as everyone was leaving, a generous woman came to Rocky’s rescue.  Carrie, who works for Heaven Can Wait in our Spay and Neuter Clinic, felt she couldn’t send the little dog back to the prison – especially for the Holidays. 

“He didn’t belong in the prison for so long,” said Carrie.  She offered to take him home as his foster mom.

But when Carrie walked Rocky inside her house, the little dog knew he had found his forever home.

“Rocky walked into my house and acted like he had always lived there,” said Carrie.  “He was telling me, ‘This is where I belong.'”

Carrie said Rocky was a perfect fit and her entire family has fallen in love with the little guy.  Her 5-year-old grandson Allen is particularly fond of him.  The two “guys” play together and wrestle together whenever Allen visits. 

Allen and little Rocky are best buddies.

The only members of the family who are not completely happy with Rocky’s arrival are Carrie’s cats, but she is sure he will win them over too.

Carrie said Rocky is very good about his weekly medications and daily eye wash and she is happy to help him.   He has been officially adopted by Carrie and will never be homeless again.

Matt, his original rescuer summed it up this way, “Rocky passed through many loving hands between the dog park rescue and the HCWS adoption.” 

Rocky found his family and will never be homeless again.

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