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Love At First Sight

Tilly, a Boxer puppy felt right at home with her new family.

Written by Dominic Allen

What’s really great about being able to donate time to the folks at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society is when you not only get to write for great blogs like ours, but when you actually get to be there when some of these animals get adopted. I had this great opportunity in early December when I was able to donate some time helping out the people that take time every weekend to put on these adoption events. There’s always some really great animals waiting for homes there that have had a rough start in one way or another and it’s my absolute pleasure spending my time helping them. This story is about one such lucky dog named Tilly. At the time of her adoption she was a 9-month old brindle boxer who had no idea she was about to meet her new family that very morning.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mark and Rhonda Bailey in person that Saturday morning at Petsmart off the 215 and S. Rainbow and told them that I would hopefully be the one to contact both of them regarding their adoption of Tilly. I always enjoy hearing about the progress the animals make in their new home within a month or two. I was certainly not let down by what I was told when speaking to Rhonda over the phone a month and a half later. Little Miss Tilly appears to be in great company with the Bailey’s in her new forever home and the lot of them couldn’t be happier.

Tilly is now one of the Bailey girls. The puppy has shown great patience with the Bailey's daughters.

When the Bailey’s had made their way into Petsmart that day along with their daughters they were actually in search of a Labrador Retriever because of what they had heard about the breed being great with families that had small children. They wanted a dog that fit these qualifications and had the reputation as strong family pets that they didn’t need to worry about possibly biting or redirecting frustration on a young child. However when they saw Tilly the little 9-month old boxer hanging out with the Heaven Can Wait adoption crew in back of the store, they were smitten. I recall Mark immediately walking over with Rhonda to give her the once over. One thing about Tilly is her beautiful brindle coat and her sweet temperament that was really getting attention that morning. Mark noticed this immediately and as it was his turn to decide who the next family pet was going to be, he decided to take Tilly for a walk outside and around the store to see how she behaved on the leash and with the kids. A few minutes later he came back in very excited and asked us to start the paperwork on bringing her home while he and the family did some shopping for food and toys around the store.

Tilly loves to watch TV and makes the kids laugh when her favorite show comes on.

One of the things that Rhonda mentioned really loving about Tilly was how patient and understanding she was with the children in the house. As we all know, children have lots of energy and love having puppies around that they can play with and hang all over, and on occasion can get a bit rambunctious with. I am pleased to inform everyone that Tilly takes all of this in true puppy stride. She is so calm, patient and well-behaved around the Bailey brood, that Mark and Rhonda are truly thankful for our “Pups on Parole” program where Tilly got her training. By the time Tilly made her way to their family, she was already potty trained, knew her basic commands and was extremely well socialized with people that it was practically a seamless transition into a normal family life. They have also told many of their friends about our adoption programs who later thanked them as they had attained such great animal companions for their homes as well.

Heaven Can Wait really does try to help create happy homes for their adopters with the many programs they offer to the Las Vegas community. One of the other things they wanted to mention about why adoption is so great is that you are making room for our organization to help save another animal’s life from a high kill shelter. Combine that with the training they get from the women’s correctional facility here, you’re really just getting a great dog that wants to do nothing but love you and please their new owner(s).

Hanging out with the girls is fun!

One of Tilly’s quirks around the house seems to be sporadically barking at the TV. I’m unsure as to what programs she tends to bark at, but the kids go crazy with hysterical laughter when it happens. She’s also a very happy and excited dog whenever the family comes home. As a matter of fact when Mark makes his way home after work each day, Tilly shakes her rear end so hard from wagging her tail with happiness, that she often times ends up hitting herself in the face repeatedly with it. It was also noticed that she was a little freaked out from her own reflection in the Bailey’s French doors they have in their backyard. I love how so many different dogs offer so many different personalities to the people who love and care for them and this little puppy is no different.

As an occasional writer for this blog I can tell you I LOVE hearing about these adoptions from the people who open up their hearts and lives to give these animals another chance at happiness. It’s also great getting to be there when it actually happens. I would like to thank the Bailey family for giving us the opportunity to give them a new family member as well as recommending us to their friends. It’s happy endings like these, that truly make volunteering one’s time for these amazing creatures extremely worth the effort. Thanks again!!!

Shh! This puppy needs her rest after a full day with her new family. Have a happy life, Tilly!

“I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.”

– Gilda Radner

Love at First Sight


2 Responses

  1. Dom, again another great story. You are such an awesome writer.
    Keep it up, love your stories!!!

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