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The Sweetest Dog Ever

Ginger was rescued by Heaven Can Wait after she was found running loose in the street.


Written by Khristina Suarez

Sheri Johnson knew she was ready to adopt a dog, but wasn’t yet sure where to go. It just so happened, that a co-worker was familiar with Heaven Can Wait Animal Society and referred Sheri to our website. The more she learned, the more she became convinced that she was going to make an adoption. She called and described to the staff member what type of dog she was looking for; “calm, low energy.”

However, upon hearing about our latest rescue; a sweet Basenji mix named Ginger, that criteria went out the window. Sheri, being very familiar with the high-spirited Basenji breed, was quick to inform the staff that she would definitely be interested in adopting her, and asked to be placed on the list as a potential adopter. She was told that Ginger would be placed in the Pups on Parole program first, and when she became adoptable she would be contacted.

After successfully completing the program, Ginger was ready to find her new forever home. Sheri took her friend and headed for the adoption site. Hoping Ginger would still be available, Sheri remembers thinking, “If she is there, she IS coming home with me!” As fate would have it Ginger was there…. and she was ready to go home!

Sheri’s abundance of love, coupled with her experience with Basenji’s, made her the perfect match for Ginger. However, as with any happy union, there are some “quirks” to work through. For one, Sheri shared with me that Ginger is a “counter surfer”; helping herself to any goodies that might be left out for the taking. On at least one occasion, she is guilty of stealing Sheri’s dinner. (It seems she is partial to chicken cutlets!) It also didn’t take long for Sheri to discover that her sweet Ginger is a skilled escape artist, managing to squeeze herself through the six inch gap in the fence at the dog park. “She’s quick and has lots of energy. She’s like the Energizer Bunny”.

Sheri boasts, "She is an amazing dog, just wonderful!"

While Sheri might have been ecstatic over Ginger’s addition to the family, Sheri’s 12 pound “deranged” cat, Kat, was less than enthusiastic about the changes this bouncing Basenji brought to her home. Sheri was prepared for their first introduction; she was careful to have Ginger leashed upon bringing her into the house for the first time, allowing for Kat to make a quick escape if need be. However, it was Ginger who fled the scene as Kat held her ground and attacked, making it very clear she is in charge of her domain. It seems now that a mutual agreement has been made in an effort for everyone to coexist peacefully. Kat has staked claim on her own bedroom, (no dogs allowed) and Ginger has free reign over the rest of the house. All parties seem to be pleased with this arrangement.

Kat the cat.

Sheri said she knows the day is coming when she will need to adopt a companion for Ginger, and she knows exactly where she will go. She is so impressed with the Pups on Parole program that Ginger graduated from and she proudly described the commands Ginger responds to: sit, stand, shake (which she will do, although she is not crazy about) lay down, heel, and how she drops to the ground and plays dead when she hears “bang, bang dead dog.” Sheri said she has no reservations about adopting from HCWS again. “I know the dogs have been temperament tested and trained. The big thing for me was the socialization with other dogs. I know I can take her to the dog park and doggie daycare and I don’t have to worry about aggressive behavior.”

Even though Ginger is the exact opposite of everything Sheri described to the staff when she first called looking for the perfect dog, she happily shared with me that, “She is everything I was looking for; the sweetest dog ever!”

Amazing dogs and cats can be found everyday on the HCWS website.  Adoptions are held each weekend inside Petsmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow.


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