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Finding A Home For Zeus

Do you have room in your heart for Zeus?

Each of the hundreds of dogs rescued every year by Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has its own personal story. This past experience plays a big role in how fast the dog adjusts to being under our care and how well it adapts to a new home. For some dogs, like Zeus, who bonded strongly with his owners, being surrendered caused an everlasting change.

“When Zeus was surrendered to Heaven Can Wait a couple of years ago, he was a complete wreck,” said the HCWS Dog Coordinator. “He used to bang his head into walls and into the kennels.” Zeus was frustrated that he had lost his family and butting his head was his way of showing his deep despair.

The Boxer was enrolled into Heaven Can Wait’s Pups on Parole program. He soon settled into the daily routine at the women’s prison and began to relax. His charming personality blossomed and the inmates noted how quickly he learned commands. Finally they felt he was ready to find a new home.

Zeus found a new family and quickly bonded with them, but after 18 months circumstances within the home changed. The dog had to be left alone for long periods of time and his old frustrations re-surfaced. He developed “separation anxiety” which triggered him to panic when he was by himself. Unfortunately in his panic, he also caused some damage to his kennel and began endangering himself by escaping out of his yard. His new owners felt they had to bring him back to Heaven Can Wait.

Zeus still has some anxiety if he is left alone too long, but his handler says he has made great strides since coming back to Pups on Parole. Overall his handler and the HCWS volunteers think Zeus is one of the smartest, funniest and charming dogs they have ever seen. They know he has so much affection to give to the right family.

Zeus would do best in a home with another dog to keep him company or if his human worked from home or was only away for short periods of time. Zeus would also make an “amazing camping or hiking partner” because he loves to be active.

Do you have room in your life for a dog like Zeus? All he needs is a chance to show you what a good buddy he can be.

If you would like to meet Zeus, please contact the Heaven Can Wait Dog Coordinator at: 227-5555 or dogs@hcws.org. You can see all of the dogs and cats available for adoption on our website at http://www.hcws.org

Don’t make Zeus wait much longer.
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