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Nayelli The Afghan Shepherd

This beauty was given the name Nayelli by her new family. It means "I Love You" in Native American.

Written by Dominic Allen

It is always a pleasure to write about the canine who goes from having nothing but a temporary kennel and the inevitability that goes with that, to having a forever home with a family that adores them. This is what happens all over the country, but unfortunately not as much as it should. This is the story of an Afghan/Shepherd mix named Nayelli which means “I love you” in Native American. It’s quite the creative, yet a suiting name for a new lifetime companion of the family.

This amazing dog came to the attention of the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society on September 29th . They were notified of her inevitable fate of being put down at the shelter and were able to rescue her during her last hour of life. Uncertain of where she came from or her past, she was enrolled in the “Pups on Parole” program located at the women’s correctional facility here in Las Vegas. Due to the program’s success, it was also featured on the National Geographic channel’s “Dog Whisperer” show with Cesar Millan. There she worked with animal volunteers and inmates and was given time to heal as well as learn to trust people again. Many of the animals that have been put into this particular program have often times been abused, traumatized from past events/owners, or have just been forgotten and given a second chance at adoption.

Sometime after Nayelli had become considered adoptable by the good folks at the “Pups on Parole” program, Maria Waller crossed paths with one of the HCWS dog coordinators and heard about Nayelli.  She immediately decided to adopt her, and hence gave her that very genuine name, not to be confused with any other dog out there.

Many rescue dogs tend to have their little quirks here and there due to past experiences, and Maria told me some of Nayelli’s. There may have been some past trauma with a man in her past because she tends to stay aloof with Maria’s husband, however she absolutely loves her daughters. She also has a few episodes where she tends to run to another room when the leash is taken out and she is about to be taken for a walk. So many dogs in the world go through so much mental and physical anguish, that if we humans were to go through the same we would probably never be deemed mentally competent again. Yet the transformation, healing, trust, and ability to love again found in dogs is nothing short of astounding. In the grand scheme of things, to only have one or two quirks after whatever these sheltered animals have gone through during their lifetimes is quite amazing and the Waller family is more than happy with their new dog’s progress.

Nayelli follows the family everywhere throughout the house. One of her other quirks is that she will only allow herself to be fed in the upstairs part of their home and only after she is exercised. I think she has adopted the regimen she learned when she was at the women’s correctional facility and has chosen to take that with her to her new family. And in the Waller household, cats and dogs get along, and they get along extremely well as you can see from the pictures. I was also told that Nayelli is an extremely intelligent dog and to quote Maria, “She is super smart!” I am sure that in time she will grow even more comfortable with everyone there and will soon realize how much she’s loved and adored if she hasn’t already. Canine Familiarus is truly a gift to mankind and as I get to write stories like these, I’m reminded of this over and over. One of the many great things about animal adoption is that you’re getting a friend for life! It’s amazing what happens when that dog is removed from a cage and put into a home where they’re loved and appreciated for the rest of their days.

“We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.”

-Maurice Maeterlinck


One Response

  1. I loved this blog re Nayelli and the info re the program at Women’s Correctional Facility. I hope stories like these will inspire others to adopt one of the wonderful animals; they don’t deserve to die or be abused.

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