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After finding himself orphaned at age 11, Alfred has a wonderful new home.

Dear friend,

 As we celebrate this    holiday season and draw an end to 2011, we’d like to take a minute to say thank you for your continued support to HCWS and our work to stop pet overpopulation.

Your dedication helped us spay and neuter nearly 13,000 owned and un-owned cats and dogs this year and sterilize 68,000 animals since we began in 2000.  You have made a difference in the lives of these cats and dogs. 

Your support gave us the chance to rescue 7,200 homeless pets and find new loving homes for them.

Abandoned cats like 11-year-old Alfred and funny-faced dogs like Bugsby are now the pride and joy of their families, thanks to your commitment.

From all of us at Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, we wish you, your families and all of your treasured animals a happy holiday.

   Best wishes for 2012,

   Heaven Can Wait Animal Society


HCWS volunteers never gave up on funny-faced Bugsby finding a new home.



"Oh, it is so good to be home."

Give your continued support to the animals at Heaven Can Wait – Here.

2 Responses

  1. I need to know about feral clinics who could set a broken back leg or amputate. I’ve been feeding a very quiet gentle feral cat who lets me get as close as 8 ft. Now he hobbles and is in pain. I live in the Sam’s Town area

    • Jim please call the Heaven Can Wait clinic to discuss this further. You can reach the clinic at 227-5555.

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