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Buffy – Overcoming and Forgetting

Buffy was surrendered after two dogs in her family ganged up and injured her.

Written by Carol Lisowski

Buffy is a six-year-old female Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound rescued from a shelter by HCWS. Buffy’s owner adopted two Pit Bull dogs who ganged up on her and hurt her, so the owner turned her over to a shelter. HCWS helped her begin her road to recovery and safety. Her tail was badly hurt, and it took several months for it to heal from the bites. A traumatic journey from a home that became unsafe, to a pen in a shelter, then a rescue, training, and another pen to wait for someone to love and care for her. Could we humans endure what so many pets go through in their short lives?

This story especially touches me as I write it because it reminds me that since humans domesticated dogs and cats to be our companions, we became their caretakers, their voices, and their families. When people acquire animals, it is their responsibility to care, feed, love and keep these animals safe. These animals are not throw-a-ways. Before getting a pet, we should ask ourselves if we are willing to commit to that animal’s care and needs for the rest of its life.

Buffy has endured hard lessons in her life, but she now has a forever home where she is learning to overcome and forget. Her new family is Ken and Judy House and adopted sister, Ginger, who is six years older than her. Ginger’s first impression of this really big dog was that she was going to have to share her treats. At this point, Buffy doesn’t do well with other dogs she doesn’t know, but Ken is hoping that she can overcome this as well. Buffy graduated from the Pups on Parole training and heels nicely. She loves to go for walks in the desert along with Ginger and Ken.

Her favorite things in life now are the walks, biscuits and eating, (maybe not in that order,) and her new Mom, Judy, said not to leave out that her favorite toy is a duck which she carries around in her mouth. She likes to stay close to Ken and was sitting by his feet while he told me her story.

You, too, can be a second or third chance for a dog waiting for their safe forever home. Visit http://www.hcws.orgto see other dogs you can save.  Or drop by the Heaven Can Wait Adoption Center inside the PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Cat adoptions are Thursday – Sunday and dog adoptions are held each Saturday.

Won't you give a home to a good girl like Buffy?


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