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Winter Warning: Honk To Warn A Cat

Honk so cats like Jazzy won’t get hurt this winter. Jazzy is available for adoption at Heaven Can Wait.

Winter has arrived in the Las Vegas valley. Our cold nights and freezing morning temperatures have stray and feral cats scouring to find any warm area they can to hang out. Unfortunately some of those places are very dangerous.

Recently Heaven Can Wait was called in to help a cat that had been found injured at a townhouse complex. When our clinic coordinator arrived, she immediately recognized the feline as one we had spayed last summer along with her three kittens.

Now she lay in the coordinator’s arms unable to move her hind legs.

The Heaven Can Wait medical director suspected the cat’s injuries were due to the engine of a car. You see stray cats often seek out the warmth of a car and squeeze into the engine area when it is parked for the night.

Sadly when the driver turns on the engine the next morning, the cat can’t always escape in time. Heaven Can Wait had to humanely euthanize this cat.

This winter please HONK your horn before starting your car in the morning or anytime it has been parked outside in the cold weather. Your warning could save the life of a stray of feral animal.


One Response

  1. Never thought about this. Honk your horn in the cold mornings to warn any animals that might have sought refuge on your warm car engine the night before. You need to give them time to escape so they don’t end up horribly injured or killed like this little fella. 😦

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