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Proclamation Awarded For Work Well Done

Heaven Can Wait awarded for good work.

The Clark County Commissioners bestowed a special proclamation to the top three animal welfare organizations for our work with feral cats and putting a stop to the horrific pet overpopulation problem in Las Vegas.

In a recent ceremony, Heaven Can Wait Animal Society, the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5) and the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society were awarded for our cooperative program to bring down the number of feral and stray cats.

Tens of thousands of feral and stray cats live throughout Clark County. They are the wild offspring of domestic housecats that were abandoned or lost. They live in colonies behind hotels, apartment buildings, businesses, schools and more. Their lives are filled with hunger, disease and predators.

It’s the goal of Heaven Can Wait to eliminate future offspring to these colonies through aggressive spay and neuter programs. Our Trap-Neuter-Return programs help unadoptable feral cats stay with their families, but not produce litters of unwanted kittens. And Operation Clean Sweep targets “at risk” neighborhoods so that every free roaming cat is spayed and neutered.

Heaven Can Wait is proud to have sterilized more than 70,000 cats and dogs since we began in 2000. In 2011 we are on target to once again spay and neuter 13,000 owned and un-owned animals.

With the help of C5 and the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, Heaven Can Wait will soon stop pet overpopulation in Clark County.

You can learn more about our feral cat programs or our public low-cost spay and neuter clinic at: http://www.hcws.org



3 Responses

  1. Very good work, CONGRATULATIONS, and I am proud to be a volunteer with Cats Coalition—C5..We do our best to take care of the animals..

  2. GREAT JOB! Keep it up the all the good work you do,
    Heaven Can Wait

  3. Fantastic, thanks for your hard work to help the animals.

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