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How Do You Find A Home For An 11-Year-Old Cat?

Alfred found himself homeless at age 11.

Finding a home for any orphaned cat in the poor Las Vegas economy is tough, but when the Heaven Can Wait clinic director rescued an 11-year-old senior feline she worried it might be impossible for him to find a new family.

Alfred was rescued from a trailer park along with his housemates after their owner passed away. The outgoing cat was an old friend to the Heaven Can Wait crew who monitored the neighborhood where he lived. They saw Alfred grow from a kitten that came through as one of the first cats “fixed” by the HCWS Spay and Neuter Clinic and they watched him play around whenever they dropped off cat food so his owner could feed him.

Now Alfred was alone in the world. Judy, the clinic director, brought him back to the Spay and Neuter Clinic. The staff fell in love with his funny, easy-going personality. They laughed each time they found him snuggled inside a wastepaper basket or curled around a vet-tech’s neck like a scarf. For a while it looked like the clinic might become Alfred’s permanent home.

Alfred was a star at the Heaven Can Wait Clinic.

Then one of the HCWS Board members thought Alfred might be a good candidate for a new program that fosters orphaned cats with veterinary hospitals around town. So Alfred moved to a new temporary home.

While this was taking place, vet-tech Leslie decided to mention Alfred’s plight to friends who had been generous in the past in adopting hard to place animals. The call proved to be a success. Guillermo and Constanza welcome Alfred into their home.

The animal lovers had no problem bringing an older cat into their collection of rescued cats, dogs and birds. Guillermo said, “Of course an older cat can be more difficult and needs more attention, but we were ready. We showed Alfred around the house, where to eat and poop. He had a couple of accidents, but now he is fine.”

Guillermo explained that Alfred was shy for the first couple of days, so they decided to put him in a separate room to let him get used to his new surroundings. However, two of the family’s rescued dogs kept sniffing at the door and pestering the cat. So Guillermo and his wife decided to take a leap of faith and introduce everyone.

“Alfred loved the dogs and they accepted him. We were surprised how friendly he is. Now he goes everywhere in the house.”

Alfred’s success story has thrilled the staff at the Heaven Can Wait Clinic. It proved that the perfect home is out there for every homeless pet.

Heaven Can Wait has cats of all ages waiting to find their perfect family.

 Check out all of the cats waiting to find a new home by going to the Heaven Can Wait website: www.hcws.org or drop by the adoption center each Thursday – Sunday inside Petsmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.


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