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A Perfect Match

Nellie (now called Lucy) found her perfect match in a grandfather and his grandson.

Written by Charlene Proto

Little Nellie, a tiny sweet Italian Greyhound/Miniature Pincher mix was not the first dog families noticed at the Heaven Can Wait Animal Society adoption center at PetSmart. She wasn’t trained in the art of barking for attention or gazing longingly into the eyes of a prospective adopter. But a patient dog she was and bided her time in her pen. There must be one family for whom she would be the perfect companion. She knew she was a good girl and would make a loving friend to someone, someday…

Earl Parr had several grandchildren, a few of whom lived close by locally in the Las Vegas area. He was a caring grandfather and loved having the kids over to visit and play. One grandson in particular had an over-riding obsession that he kept mentioning to “Papa”. He wanted a dog – a dog of his own. Yes there were two dogs in the family home of his Mom and her boyfriend. But the Pit mix and the little one belonged to Mom and the boyfriend. They were not HIS dog. He really would love to have a dog that was HIS and only HIS. Sebastian is eleven and eleven year old boys are rather clever at getting just what they want. Sebastian was aware of the HCWS pet adoptions that occur every Saturday at PetSmart and often begged his Mom to just go in for a look. He knew his Mom thought two dogs were enough for their home and would not allow him to adopt another.

However…what about “Papa”? When Sebastian spotted Nellie he went straight to her and began a joyous play time that has yet to end. Sebastian called his grandfather from the store and convinced him to come over right away. Papa agreed to adopt Nellie so Sebastian would have a dog all his own – even if it was only on the weekends when he visited.

When Nellie came to Papa’s house she was extremely shy and quiet. “I was not sure she even knew how to bark,” says Earl. As with most shelter pets, Nellie was unsure whether this would be just another transition to another temporary place with a lot of strange people coming and going. No point in getting her little heart set on the idea that this might be the real thing – a real home with a real family – all of HER own! She soon discovered it was exactly that and became the animated and adorable little waif she is today. Earl leaves the door open during the nice weather so she can say “hello” to all the neighbors walking their dogs.

Earl cares for her diligently during the week; long walks, careful feeding and lots of affection. But when the weekends come she belongs to Sebastian. He takes full responsibility for all her care: “…with my supervision” Earl adds. Nellie was renamed “Lucy” and when Papa was asked why “Lucy”, his response was “because Sebastian liked it…” – of course what other reason does a loving grandparent need. On weekends the eleven year old boy and his eleven pound companion are inseparable. They are truly a match made in heaven – “Heaven Can Wait.”

You can find your four-legged perfect match each weekend at the HCWS Adoption Center.  Cats are available Thursday – Sunday and dogs can be adopted on Saturday.  Adoptions are at Petsmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  See you there!


2 Responses

  1. What a great story and a WONDERFUL PAPA.

  2. What a great story, AND A WONDERFUL PAPA..

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