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A Quiet Pup Finds The Perfect Home

Lyric found her perfect family because of an accidental conversation.

Lyric waited all summer for her a new family to adopt her. Each week the charming little pup sat patiently in her pen at the adoption center as people walked by or potential adopters missed appointments to meet her. Finally an innocent conversation steered Lyric to the perfect guardians and the perfect home.

Ken and Marty thought they were headed inside the PetSmart store to buy food for their old Border collie mix named Molly. They had rescued Molly when she was a young dog and were seeing her through her golden years. At age 12 Molly has arthritic joints and diabetes that requires two insulin shots a day.

The men stopped outside the store to admire one of the Heaven Can Wait pups being adopted that day. The Dog Coordinator asked if they were interested in adopting a dog. That innocent question led to a conversation about Molly and how it would be unfair to bring a new dog into her life, at this late stage.

The coordinator suggested how the right dog could actually improve the quality of Molly’s life, especially if the pup was “low key” and “charming” like Lyric.

The men walked into the store and were instantly drawn to little Lyric. “Lyric looked like she was on her own in the cage,” said Ken. They set an appointment for Molly to meet her.

The meeting went better than expected for Lyric, Molly, Ken and Marty. Molly was a little hesitant, but Lyric shined like she had been practicing for the moment. She walked over to Molly and bowed her head to the older dog. A minute later, the two dogs were friends.

Lyric, who is now called Gracie, “Is doing better than we expected,” said Ken. “She is laid back and quiet, but not shy. She’s even learned how to use the dog door.” And best of all, “Gracie has been very therapeutic for Molly.”

Heaven Can Wait has lots of great dogs and cats like Gracie waiting to find their perfect family. You can meet them each weekend at our adoption center inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center. (Dog adoptions are on Saturday only.)

You can also see the pets on the Heaven Can Wait website: http://www.hcws.org.  Don’t forget the National Adoption Event this weekend – Adult Cat Adoptions are $20.  Oct. 12 and 13 at PetSmart.


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