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With help from the HCWS dog coordinator and a dog named Cheyenne a home was filled with joy again.

Written by volunteer Lucy Bobeck

Margie and Byron Wallace had sadly lost their Akita dog to cancer. It is always hard to lose a dog, and thinking about another dog in the home can be a hard transition. Fortunately for Cheyenne, Margie contacted Heaven Can Wait’s Dog Coordinator, Tania.

Margie and Byron did not want a puppy and told Tania about the two beloved dogs that had passed away – their Akita and previously a Husky.

Tania, who is like the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ on TV, sent a picture of Cheyenne to Margie’s phone. Cheyenne’s blue, blue eyes looked so heavenly amidst her tan fur and blond paws. It was hard to resist her.

Margie went to meet Cheyenne at the HCWS Adoption Center. Although Cheyenne is a Chow/Australian Shepherd mix, the dog’s bright blue eyes reminded Margie of the Husky she had lost ten years ago.

Cheyenne had been an outside dog, and there were too many dogs on the property. Heaven Can Wait rescued Cheyenne from a life of blazing heat and cold nights. She had not been socialized and had been left to the elements, which resulted in a matted mess for a coat. Fortunately, Cheyenne regained her good looks with a thorough grooming.

Margie and Byron knew that Cheyenne would be somewhat fearful, especially with men – and she was. Once Cheyenne was at the Wallace’s house, she followed Margie around like a lamb. However, after six weeks Cheyenne was best friends with Margie AND Byron.

Cheyenne enjoys hikes to Mount Charleston and can be counted on to listen to basic commands. She is ambidextrous, shaking hands with both paws! Even Cheyenne’s paws are unique; they look like blond paint has been splattered on them.

After a busy day Cheyenne enjoys relaxing in the recliner. Margie and Byron find her sitting there with a look that says, “I’m enjoying the good life now!”

If you are looking for the perfect pet to add to your family, the Heaven Can Wait Cat or Dog Coordinators would be happy to play matchmaker, just like they did for Cheyenne.  All you have to do is drop by adoptions and tell them what type of pet you are looking for.  Adoptions are held Thursday-Sunday for cats and Saturdays for dogs at PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow.  Or visit: www.hcws.org.


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