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Tyler and Bugsy – BFF’s

Bugsy's (left) family came to adopt another dog, but Bugsy picked Tyler instead.

 Written by volunteer Mackenzie Rippe

It is said that animals have a sixth sense about things. When Rene and Karen Colen brought their Bichon Frise, Bugsy, along on the search for another companion, it was Bugsy who chose his new best friend and the perfect fit into the family.

Bugsy is a shy dog by nature and was a little intimidated by the other dogs at the Heaven Can Wait adoption center. When he came upon Tyler, a Chihuahua mix who was even shyer, he was emboldened.

It was a fast friendship. Bugsy and Tyler began chasing each other and that was all the convincing the Colens needed.

Tyler's shy nature captured Bugsy's heart.

When I contacted Karen to see how Tyler was getting along, she couldn’t have been happier. “Tyler is amazing, a delight,” she said. “He loves to read and write,” Karen joked. She went on to tell me that Tyler carries books and pens around, but never chews them up. He just hangs onto them.

She said he is so smart and eager to please. When asked how they knew Tyler was the dog for them, Karen simply said, “Bugsy chose him.”

Tyler and Bugsy - BFF'sBugsy found the perfect addition to his family.

The Heaven Can Wait Dog Coordinators encourage potential adoptive families to bring along other pets in the household when they visit our Adoption Center.  It’s a good way to introduce pets to each other and see if they will get along.  Adoptions are held every Saturday for dogs and Thursday – Sunday for cats inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.

Check out all of the cats and dogs waiting to find their “perfect” family at: www.hcws.org


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