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405 Cats And Kittens Helped At National Feral Cat Event

Feral cat waits in its cage. 405 cats and kittens were fixed at National Feral Cat event.

In honor of National Feral Cat Day and the 10th anniversary of our feral cat clinic, Heaven Can Wait “fixed” 405 cats and kittens in a weekend spay-a-thon.

The event was a cooperative effort between C5 (Community Cat Coalition of Clark County), the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society and Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. The goal was to spay and neuter 400 feral cats and kittens in a 48 hour period.

The spay-a-thon was a huge success! Its benefit will mean that in 2012 there will be 405 less unwanted litters and 405 less litters that will lead a life of hunger and fear.

Veterinarians and vet techs work in the surgery suite.

Heaven Can Wait wholeheartedly thanks everyone who gave their time and expertise.

We give our appreciation to all of the volunteers who manned the clinic from 6a.m. to midnight on Thursday and Friday scheduling appointments and getting the clinic ready for the cats.

We thank all of the trappers who meticulously set out traps in key areas and waited all night for hungry felines to step inside.

And our thanks go out to all of the veterinarians who shared their expertise to spay and neuter the cats and to every volunteer who lovingly cared for each cat until they were ready to be returned to their colonies.

Feral cats after surgery. Volunteers cared for each cat and kitten.

Together we will stop animal overpopulation in Las Vegas.

A feral kitten who will not pass on being homeless to another generation.

To find out how you can help support feral cat clinics – Click Here


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