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Tyson’s Long Journey To Adoption

Tyson had been trained for dog fighting.

Written by volunteer Ashley Trieu

Tyson is a Boxer that had been trained for dog fighting in Kingman, Arizona, but a police officer rescued him and took him to the animal shelter. HCWS found out about Tyson when a woman came to adopt a Boxer from our group. She fell in love with the HCWS Boxer, but was worried about Tyson because he was scheduled to be euthanized.

Upon learning this, two of the HCWS dog coordinators decided to make a trip to Kingman to save Tyson. On their mission to save the dog, they came back with seven other dogs that would have been euthanized that day.

Tyson was saved from being euthanized at an Arizona animal shelter.

All of the canines were enrolled in Heaven Can Wait’s famed Pups on Parole program to rehabilitate abandoned dogs and after several weeks they were ready to find new homes. One weekend Brian and Larissa Haying went to the Adoption Center and came across Tyson. They were immediately taken with his energy and lovable nature.

The Haying’s had experience with adopting strays as pets, but they were impressed how well Tyson adapted to their family, which included two children.

Tyson looks intimidating, but is a big cuddle bug.

He may look big and intimidating, but he is truly a cuddle bug who will follow you at the heels and snuggle into bed with you. He is the perfect addition to the Haying’s home and has even placed himself as the children’s protector. Every time they come close to the pool, he scares them away and makes sure they don’t go in.

In his spare time, he enjoys using the children’s stuffed animals as his chew toys, socializing with other dogs during his doggy play dates, and making sure Bentley (the older dog) stays nimble and alert. If you would like to find a dog of your own, HWCS will help find the perfect pet to you.

Adoptions are held on Saturdays inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow. Cat adoptions are held Thursday afternoon through Sunday.


4 Responses

  1. Why would any shelter dispose of a handsome dog like this??Shelties are my type but thisis something else. All creatures has a right to this UNIVERSE and just because he was taught to fight he can be re-trained!!! God Bless the family that adopted him!!

  2. GOD BLESS THE FAMILY THAT ADOPTED THIS LITTLE CREATURE OF GOD!! Just because he was taught to fight he can be re-trained.. Sheltie’s are my dog but I love animals..

  3. I volunteer with “HEAVEN CAN WAIT(C5) and it is sad how many people just throw their pets out for someone else to hopefully take care of them. C5 is a “TRAP NUETER/SPAY AND RELEASE) and the animals(cats) can live their lives out without multiplying. Cats are not my type a pet, I am allergic to them, I have two gorgeous Sheltie’s and they are great companions plus they are THERAPY DOGS.

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