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Autumn The Chihuahua Was A Victim Of Home Foreclosure

Autumn was found wandering the streets after being abandoned.

Written by volunteer Harriet Kaufman

Imagine walking the streets of Las Vegas, without anyone in whom to turn. You have no idea where you are going to get water or food, and you are scared out of your mind. This is what happened to beautiful little Autumn, the Chihuahua. A victim of the foreclosure market, someone just discarded and left poor Autumn to die, but that did not happen.

This story, unfortunately, is more common than you realize.

HCWS helps rescue these voiceless souls more often than we would like to have to rescue them. Sometimes, these innocent animals are simply left in the homes people have abandoned – due to the economy. Autumn is one of the lucky ones! She made it out, and she found her way to the streets. Others are not so lucky.

Please do not leave your animals alone, if you cannot care for them. Their street life and possible house death, out of starvation or lack of water until they are found, is worse than asking for assistance.

Autumn is an amazing doggie! HCWS went through the process of trying to find her owners, but it soon became apparent that no one was looking for her. Autumn is cute, loving and all around adorable. She has found a great new home. After all her struggles to survive, her new owners say she has remained unaffected! The homeless animals that were once in homes and are now wondering the streets can be adopted and are good companions. Autumn went through HCWS’s Pups on Parole program, to learn her basic commands (she was only 8 months old, when found) and to assure her demeanor was calm enough for adoption. She flew through her training, and everyone loved her!

Into Autumn’s life enter Cyndi and Ken Wilson and a dog named Harley. Harley is another rescue dog and Autumn (now called Bambi) loves to snuggle up with him!

Autumn and her new "best buddy" Harley.

As Ken said during our telephone conversation, “She is a great little dog. She plays with toys and loves playing with Harley. She’s a big dog in a little package! Based on our experience, I think Heaven Can Wait is doing a fabulous job of helping pets find a second chance in life!”

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society has lots of great dogs like Autumn and wonderful cats who have been abandoned, but desperately want to find a new family to call their own.  You can meet these pets every weekend at the HCWS Adoption Center inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Cats are available for adoption Thursday afternoon through Sunday and dogs are available on Saturday.  Or go to the HCWS website to see these pets.


One Response

  1. after reading about autumn, just wanted to send you an update about Sami (sammy as you spelled it). i rescued hiim 11 months ago from you wonderful people and he was rescued off the street as Autumn was. sami and I and (evie = my cat) drove to West Palm Beach a month ago and now live in a condo with a screened in porch (so they can still enjoy the outdoors). Sami is my soul mate and i thank God and Heaven Can Wait for adding so much JOY to my life. I am sure he thanks you also. i am sooooooooooooooo lucky to have found the precious little fella that every body that he meets loves him.
    – wynn lanier (wynnlanier@comcast.net)

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