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A Pair of Happy Tails

Ginger (right) had a hard time finding a new home until Joel and his pup Hamlet adopted her.

Written by volunteer Charlene Proto

Joel Lawrence, a Texan, always enjoyed the company of big dogs, but a military career with the frequent relocations forced him to consider smaller, more “portable” canines. He had enjoyed a happy family with Rose his 14 year old Scottie and Hamlet, a much younger Chihuahua. Unfortunately the years caught up with Rose and one evening she experienced a heart attack and died, with Hamlet by her side.

Hamlet was a social dog and had never been alone in his life. Joel only worked a short night shift so Hamlet was not alone for very long periods; but every time he arrived home after work, the dog was frantic, probably not only with grief but also the terror of being all alone. As with so many dog owners after their dear companion dies, Joel was not considering getting another dog. Or so he says, as he was scanning the rescue sites at one point in time and spotted a young brindle Chihuahua named Ginger. She had been found wandering down a road alone and taken to HCWS. A sad story, but no he wasn’t adopting another dog!

Time went by and one day Joel was shopping in PetSmart. As he cruised the rear of the store Joel spotted Ginger. He softly told his girlfriend, “That’s Ginger.” Ginger turned at the sound of her name and stole his heart. They brought Hamlet to visit and see if the two were compatible. The two dogs seemed OK with each other at best. However, after about a week at home together they became “best buds”. They now romp and play nonstop all day. Joel even has to stop them when it’s time for bed!

Chihuahuas are usually considered territorial and standoffish, maybe one person dogs. But as with most myths about breeds, these two prove all those theories wrong. They are friendly to everyone, loving to family and friends, bright and intelligent. Ginger was well trained by the HCWS Pups on Parole program and could perform all the basic obedience commands when she was adopted. When Hamlet came into the house after a romp outside he was trained to roll over and let Joel clean his paws. Now there are eight little paws waving in the air to be cleaned when the two come inside. Hamlet also has an affinity for eating his veggies and now Ginger enjoys them too; and would probably scoff a whole bag of carrots if Joel let her!

Many animal lovers declare that dogs come in pairs. Hardly a more fitting endorsement of that theory is the story of Hamlet and Ginger. Whether you choose one dog or two or more to enrich your life and home, always consider adoption. There are so many Gingers waiting…

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society cat and dog adoptions are held each weekend inside PetSmart off I-215 and S. Rainbow in the Arroyo Crossing Center.  Cats are adopted Thursday afternoon – Sunday and dogs are available on Saturdays.  You can see the cats and dogs by clicking on HCWS.org


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